Thursday, December 11, 2014

Is the budget deal loaded with earmarks?

Remember this?

  1. GOP Ups Ante on Earmarks : Roll Call News
    Roll Call
    Mar 11, 2010 - House GOP Leaders to Call for Immediate Earmark Moratorium ... If approved, the Republican policy would restrict GOP lawmakers from ...
Gotta wonder:

Is this stupidity they're voting out that fully funds Obamacare, the illegal alien amnesty and continuing cuts to veteran's retirement packed full of earmarks?

I'm not hearing much about them these days.

Why do you suppose that is?

MAYBE it's because the restrictions are essentially off, and it's business as usual in the GOP-controlled House:
Indeed, CAGW’s 2014 Congressional Pig Book included 102 earmarks from all 12 appropriations bills worth $2.7 billion. The first three items in the list of DOD earmarks alone exceeds that total, which means the 2015 Congressional Pig Book, when it is released in April of 2015, will include more money for earmarks than in FY 2014. 
“Taxpayers will be very disappointed to learn that the first spending bill following the November elections is full of pork,” said CAGW President Tom Schatz. “When the 114th Congress considers the FY 2016 appropriations bills, they should do so under regular order and allow members and the public sufficient time to review each bill. The practice of bringing massive spending bills to the floor with less than 72 hours to examine the legislation must end. Separate consideration of each bill will also allow members to offer amendments to strike earmarks and other wasteful spending. Even better, the bills should be brought to the floor without any such projects. The new Republican majority in the Senate will have the opportunity to go where no Senate has gone before if the appropriations bills are truly earmark-free.”
Yeah.  it was SOOOO important to re-elect cardboard cutouts like Jaime Herrera.

Labels are as meaningless as her tenure.

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