Thursday, December 11, 2014

So, why aren't the DEMOCRATS worried about "shutting down government?"

As I write this, the fallout of Sen. Elizabeth "Fake Native American" Warren's demand that the dems in the House vote "no" is just beginning to hit.

But I'm missing the talking heads telling us that if the DEMOCRATS "shut down government," it won't be political death for THEM.

Why is that?

Because in the end, some things are, in fact, worth dying for.  Actually and politically.

You see, it's ALWAYS been bogus that the GOP would be stuffed into a political wall locker, so to speak, if they stood on principle and did the right thing when it comes to our increasingly dangerous budget.

We have an 18 trillion dollar and growing deficit because the GOP allowed it.

We have a geometrically weaker military because the GOP allowed it.

We have Obamacare because the GOP allowed it.

We also have nutless GOP leadership as Boehner's caving on the issues most important to this country and it's people have shown.

The democrats appear bent on shutting down government over Dodd-Frank and no one's running around like Chicken Little over THAT.

How come the GOP lacks the guts to shut down government over Obama's illegal alien amnesty?

Odd, isn't it?  Leftist integrity, such as it is, means a great deal to them.  Integrity on the Right is an increasingly meaningless construct.

Our own congresswoman is completely without courage and completely without integrity.  She is, in fact, a disgrace to democracy.

The GOP governs out of fear.  And we all are going suffer because of it.

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