Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The new lake of blood on democrat hands.

I'm sitting here with the sound off, watching Diane Feinstein throw our intelligence community under a bus and provide a mountain of ammunition to the muslim extremists who are now, likely, rubbing their hands in anticipatory glee at what they are going to do with Feinstein's wheel-barrow of partisan garbage known as the "Senate Intelligence Report," how they'll use it to recruit others... how they'll kill Americans as a direct result.

It's not, of course: it's the DEMOCRAT report... not the Committee report.

And people are going to die because of it.

It's the kind of thing that tends to reinforce that democrats really don't give a shit about this country when doing what's right conflicts with their agenda.

Blood... American blood... will be on Feinstein's hands.  Unnecessarily. 

She may feel all warm and fuzzy about putting out this fringe-left partisan hackery in advance of a GOP take over, but when even a clueless moron like John "I've been to Vietnam" Kerry warns you not to do it, and you do it anyway?

It's a fine line between treason and truth.  And if one American even cuts himself shaving, so to speak, because Feinstein released this report?

Then she has certainly regressed from truth... and gone into treason.

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