Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Mussolini Mikey Briggs-Gruber joins the "Voters are Stupid" crowd.

So, there's an email pinging around out there from humiliated legislative candidate Mussolini Mikey Briggs that tends to show a local version of the Gruber Perspective: the voters are stupid.

As we all know, Mussolini Mikey has also earned the sobriquet of Mr 36%, the figure that represents his vote percentage running against the weakest GOP incumbent in SW Washington, Brandon "Lumpy" Vick.

Before he announced his candidacy for the State House... as pathetic an effort that was... Mussolini felt compelled to send out a message, copied here. in an effort to stop the Washougal Resolution in opposition to the CRC Scam.  (Paragraphs inserted, my responses are italicized.)
Mike Briggs Hmmm, well first off as I am sure you know, there is currently a state law on the books which prohibits the tolling of I-205. I think it was Ann Rivers who got that thru. So for people to keep bringing that up is not realistic at this time.
(Utter nonsense.  At the end of the day, Oregon could easily have tolled I-205 since Rivers' effort did not extend south of the Columbia River.)
Washougal does have some stake in all of this but quite little in reality. If this Town Hall talk gives them "the idea" they can do anything about this project- at this late date- would be a supreme disservice to them. If no on on our Council addresses that to the assembly BEFORE the talks begin- I will. It is ok to bitch, to complain, to communicate but it must be realized what this act can or cannot do. 
(What it can and DID do was strengthen the hand of those who fought against the idiocy Briggs was so enamored of while presenting the perspective of a city in the county in question.)
Now Xxxxxx I am going to say something you cannot repeat- but I believe it (and I think you do as well)- many people do not know what is good for them.
(That's right, Xxxxxx: many peiople are simply too stupid to get it, so we have to save them in spite of themselves.  Just a tiny bit of that fringe-left, monumental arrogance, Gruber-ific in it's significance.

In short, we are too stupid to understand if we don't agree with Mussolini.)
They (The people) react to the now.  They do not think of the future. That is part of government's job. This bridge is desperately needed now. Not later. Now. 
(That's a lie, of course, on every imaginable level.  As we know, the bridge is not "needed now," "desperately" or otherwise.  ADDITIONAL cross-river capacity was and remains needed; the utter stupidity of tearing down a bridge and replacing it with the exact same capacity only to get loot rail across the river goes to the heart of the matter:

WHATEVER "the people" react to, WE ARE THE BOSS.  It's not up to ANYONE to question the motives as if those motives, in and of themselves, somehow provide the fringe-leftist nut jobs infesting us with justification to ignore the will of those they would represent.)
Yes, it might be a little too "fancy" for some, maybe not the best way to spend money, and LRT is something you like or do not like. But the thing of it is-- this project has been going on now for 10 long years.
(In the mind of a left wing nut, that we've been lied to and ignored for ten years obviously is some sort of justification to continue yo lie to us and ignore us.

It was the wrong project.  It did the wrong things.  It ignored the will of the people.

"Ten years" or ten THOUSAND years, the length of time these scum lied to us is completely irrelevant.

And the irony of it all is this:

Had these same fringe-left nutters LISTENED to us... responded to us... gave a DAMN what we thought or what WE wanted... many of them would still be in office.

Right, Marc?)

It's time to do it--not wait another 10 years or even 5 years. I believe this.
(Well, bully for you.  So what?

Not very many others seem to agree with your bizarre perspective)

As for Madore he is not being a good public servant and he is an ego maniac.
(Takes one to know one, Mr. 36%?)
This guy is a religious based evangelist crusader and will not do much good for anyone. I personally think he is sending out such NEGATIVE signs to business and trade that Clark County will be avoided like the plague for some time. 
(So, religious bigotry is a mainstay of this leftist as well, eh?  And, of course, by now, we know that he was completely and utterly wrong.  Business is experiencing EXPLOSIVE growth here in Clark County.  

But, I suppose when you're an ego-maniacal narcissist like Mussolini, this sort of thing is to be expected.) 
Would you invest in this mess of a location now? I sure as hell would not...if there was another alternative.
(Many people with a far tighter grasp on reality seem to be ignoring Mussolini's prognostication, since, to put it bluntly, hundreds of millions are being invested in this county.

Since he asked.)
So, I know you are for this Town Hall talk. Find and dandy. But if it comes off with negative implications... what good is it? I've had multiple elected officials approach me now on the sly Brent. You DO NOT want to get on the wrong side of this thing. 
(Clearly, like everyone else opposed to Mussolini's idiocy, it doesn't SEEM like Brent got "on the wrong side of this thing."  In fact, Mr. 36%, it seems like YOU got on "the wrong side of this thing.")
Check out Battleground-- they will be dooming themselves for negative thoughts and assumptions about their city for a long time over a resolution that can't do shit. Those are my thoughts. Mike 
Speaking of "shit," clearly, Mussolini Mikey Briggs shouldn't be let out without a keeper.

Does Battle Ground seemed doomed to anyone reading this garbage?

When I read Mussolini's tripe here, I give a small prayer of thanks that this whacko, who was wrong in everything he wrote above, hasn't and won't be elected dog catcher.  He was crushed by a terrible incumbent, who is really no better but who at least in accomplishing nothing for this district just wasted our time and not any of our lives.

And this is the kind of "Gruberism" rife in the far left nutbergers around here.  Crushed at the polls, they doggedly insist that it's there way or no way.  They offer zero realistic alternatives to any of the major problems confronting us and this... THIS is the best they could do in the 18th?

So, yeah.  This arrogance and narcissism starts at the grass roots level and permeates all the way to the White House.

Is it any wonder we're circling the drain with scum out there like this guiding the destiny of this country?

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