Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The voters have spoken. Is Jaime Herrera listening?

So, we've spoken.  We've spoken in the way that matters most.

The people of this county have voted against the BRT without a countywide vote.

Is Herrera listening?

Like the CRC, she could, by herself, kill the funding from the federal level  for this rip off.

All she has to do is send a letter to the CTran Board that says the following:
Dear CTrain Board members, 
The people of Clark County have made it clear that your charge is to consult them BEFORE you waste this money.   
So, here's the deal:  I am going to kill any federal funding... or anything... to the city of Vancouver until this issue is voted on by ballot as required by law and by the vote of the people. 
Let me know when that's been completed. 
Love, Jaime.
Herrera, of course, could care less.  She supports all of this garbage by virtue of the fact that she's done absolutely nothing to stop any of it.

Don't expect her to, either.  She's all about keeping us in the dark, feeding us bullshit, and making us THINK she's actually looking out for us, hears us and gives a damn about us.

She doesn't.

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