Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Kudos to Gruber: points out a serious truth.

Leftists believe the people to be stupid.

We've seen that repeatedly around here in just the latest election cycle.

Of the three democrats running to represent me (Dingethal, Mussolini Mikey Briggs, Maureen "Bully" Loserham) in the past cycle, precisely none of them answered any of the questions I asked of them.


Because democrats as a group believe the American people to be stupid.  They see no reason to answer the questions they're asked: in everyone from Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart to these 3 stooges, the democrats have a clear pattern of ignoring everyone who does not see it there way.

As a result, they lie to get what they want.

How often did the left lie to us here locally about the CRC Scam?

How much did they lie to us about the Charter scam?

How much have they lied about TriMet and the BRT rip off?

And that's just at the local level.  Nationally, their president ("If you like your (plan)(doctor) you can keep your (plan)(doctor)") lies with astounding ease.  The Belle of Botox, Nancy Pellosi, lies with the best of them.

I get that.  I understand that.  Democrats are a party of lies, and they pretty much have to be.

Lies from the Charter resound: Kimsey's lie: "If we don't like the charter, we can repeal it."  (The state supreme court having ruled just the opposite)  Lies from the campaign: "MUCH better representation."  Now, we vote for 100% of the commissioners.  Post charter, 40%.  "Don't like the charter, you can amend it!"  (By meeting the impossibly high requirement of getting 37,000 plus valid signatures in 150 days)

This is the kind of thing that proves the democrats deepest, darkest secrets: they believe at the DNA level that we ARE stupid.  And that's where Gruber, in his arrogance, needs to be lauded: he, at least, had the guts to come right out and says so.

Given who many people around here vote for (Jim "Molehill" Moeller, for example) there's more than a grain of truth in that.  But democrats count on our stupidity in a variety of ways.

Gruber, to his credit, admits that counting on the stupidity of the American people is an integral part of democrat planning, a concept that permeates down to the local level.

Both the local democrats running in the 18th built campaigns of and on lies.

Mussolini Mikey even expressed relief after getting humiliated at the polls (As I said he would, come to think of it: they don't call him Mr. 36% fer nuthin') that he could now drop his pretenses and be himself.

This admission that he'd stayed away for political purposes goes to the lie that is Mussolini Mikey Briggs.

See, when you're running for office on a platform of lies, you certainly can't risk saying the wrong thing and having that truth used against you, can you?

I just don't get it.  It's like the leftist ability to lie is genetic. 

Credit to Gruber for letting the truth out: those who supported the obvious idiocy of Obamacare are precisely what Gruber called them: stupid.

People are dying because of Obamacare who otherwise would not have died.

People are in pain because of Obamacare who otherwise would not be in pain.

People are unemployed because of Obamacare who otherwise would not be unemployed.

Supporting a system with those results?

Why, that's precisely and exactly what Gruber said it was: stupid.

In everything from the dirt level here locally to the highest level nationally, we're treated with contempt and arrogance by the left.  The right refuses to fight back because they fear name calling and public battles. 

That fear only speeds up the inevitable collapse; financial, military and moral.  Progressives typically win because they never stop, they never reverse course, they never have to pay for what they've done and are doing to this country, thanks to a lilly-livered right.

But then, as Gruber pointed out, we're stupid.  So what else can we expect?

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