Monday, December 08, 2014

County charter retardation: Betty Sue Morris

So, I'm reading the comments under Lefty Lou's column yesterday and I'm struck by the ignorance of those posting.

Of particular note is the apparent bewilderment of Betty Sue Morris, whom, you would think, might know better.

First and foremost, Morris's experience to the contrary, she has absolutely zero idea what the position of county council chair under this charter entails.  In fact, at this point, no one knows.

Second, none of her "experience" as a commissioner has any application here: the position of "commissioner" will be eliminated in 13 months or so.

Third, if the elected legislator wanting to run for county chair was a democrat, we wouldn't be seeing any of this outrage from the leftists... including Morris.

Let's remember: most of those whining, like Morris, are C3G2 partisan haters.

That Morris is so inadequate that she can't conceive of doing the job in no way means that anyone else is similarly inadequate: on the contrary, as we all know, Sen./Commissioner Tim Sheldon (D-Potlatch) has held both positions for 10 years and has been re-elected repeatedly.

Part of the Charter scam was sold to us based on the full-time commissioner position being reduced to a part time gig.  That resulted in the large pay cut and the huge "savings" we were supposed to realize if this charter were adopted.

Was that the truth?  Or just another version of "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan?"

For whatever the reason, Morris seems to believe that Sen. Rivers has zero ability to come back here during the legislative session, that scheduling becomes impossible under the circumstances and that it simply can't be done.

So, what's the real reason for Morris troweling this garbage out?

Typical, leftist partisanship.

Morris hasn't bothered to tell us who SHE wants to have the job, but you can bet your bippy it isn't Ann "The Bridge Killer" Rivers.  Rivers' part in killing off that hideous waste of money so admired by the Morris's and the C3G2 types infesting us well gin up a great deal of resistance to the few, out of touch leftists still dreaming for a CRC Scam.

Make no mistake: Rivers becoming chair is, at the county level, THE single most important thing we can do to keep this monster dead.  Further, anyone else running for this gig certainly would have likely been a CRC Scammer... and politically, that's the kiss of death around here.

And, since Rivers is running, that ends the possibility that anyone else... including whoever it may be that Morris wants... has a chance of winning.

In politics, it's never just what they say... it's also why they say it.

Morris's lack of vision is no reason to believe that Rivers cannot do this job and do it well, much like she has done the job of Senator well.

There has been precisely zero reason presented that Sen. Rivers cannot do both jobs.  They ARE both part time, unless Morris and the other C3G2 haters have been misleading us all these months like they mislead us about the charter having nothing to do with Madore and Mielke... and we all know what a lie that was, right?

Memo to Betty Sue: just because you don't have the brain power to figure out how to get this done to the satisfaction of the voters in no way means that it can't BE done.

And your "experience" here is utterly meaningless.  This part time job bears scant resemblance to what you used to do... and what you made precisely zero effort to change on your watch, I might add.

Meanwhile, unlike most of the haters, Sen. Rivers represents me and this district.  She has done an excellent job representing us in the Senate, and she would do an excellent job as the county chair.  She has a vision for our future that far exceeds that of any of the lesser candidates.

And she will have the support of the people when she runs next November.  Count on it.

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