Thursday, December 18, 2014

Legislative reaction to Inslee's gas tax increase scam.

The Governor of Parkinsons has, it appears, allowed the Obama virus to infect what's left of his brain.

Inslee has no right to implement a $1.17 per gallon tax increase without legislative concurrence.

He knows that.  Everyone in Olympia knows that.

It much like Obama has no right to violate/ignore immigration law in his bizarre dictate that we are no longer to have borders and we are to assume the care and feeding of 12 million or so people who have decided, in part because of that simple-minded moron in the White House, that our laws can be used for their double-ply toilet paper.

To that end, I believe that the GOP-controlled Senate needs to do two things:

First, get their law suit/restraining order ready to go except for the fill in the blanks part.

The moment that Governor Moron tries this economy-wrecking stupidity, the GOP Senate should pull the trigger on their suit to put a stop to it.

Second, they should retaliate.

If this simple idiot adds $1.17 per gallon in taxes, then it's incumbent upon the senate to insist on a $1.17 reduction in revenue to the same amount... say... from the state payroll.

Clearly, Inslee has no problem inflicting pain on us; the GOP Senate should, correspondingly, inflict the same amount of pain on those who support this putz.

If he wants to steal $1.17 from our right hand, we can steal $1.17 back from his left.

The state can make sure there's zero funding left to fix the Big Dig in Seattle.  They can cut teacher pay and benefits.  They can get rid of the unions (Like Wisconsin and Michigan)  They can cut cigarette and liquor taxes while jacking up pot taxes even further.  There's all KINDS of things they can do to address this.

Simple, really.

Well Sen. Mark Schoesler have the testicular fortitude to do what should be done... what MUST be done?

Because, like our up-to-this-point-worthless-House-GOP-in-DC, the alternative is to cave and prove to be utterly and completely worthless.


Community Rights Vancouver USA said...

The voters approved a measure to reduce class size.

The court requires better funding for schools.

The 2008 legislature requires us to reduce carbon pollution.

Jack Buckmeir said...

Lefties hate the fact that America has become self-sufficient on oil in fact,Lefties hate America period any wish to destroy it.

Just a guy said...


"The voters approved a measure to reduce class size."

Fine. You would, no doubt, support cutting teacher pay and retirement 50% to help fund it?

"The court requires better funding for schools."

Except, of course, the Court has no say over the legislature. So I wish them luck in finding it.

"The 2008 legislature requires us to reduce carbon pollution."

Which has absolutely nothing to do with Inslee's lies over raising taxes or a non-existent ability to unilaterally raise taxes.