Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Good question: why does the left and the democratian only care about "the will of the people" when it suits them?

Odd, that.

"The will of the people" has been bandied about quite a bit as the excuse the scum in C3G2 and running the democratian use as their excuse for opposing the department ordinance of Commissioner Mielke.

Yet, in so many other places and situations, the "will of the people" doesn't mean a damned thing to these slimy worms.

What about "the will of the people" about the Pollard Hilton?

What about "the will of the people" over the ball park scam?

What about "the will of the people" on the BRT rip off?

What about "the will of the people" on the CRC/Loot Rail scam?

What about "the will of the people" on any of the advisory votes?

Well, we all remember what the scum at the democratian wrote when they knew the outcome was going to go against them:
There is, as spelled out by the Founding Fathers more than 200 years ago, a difference between direct democracy and representative democracy. Rather than establish a direct democracy — one in which the citizenry votes on governmental decisions both enormous and miniscule — this nation's founders had the foresight to create a representative democracy in which elected representatives vote on behalf of the people.
The purpose of bringing this up is not to spark a constitutional debate, but rather to discuss the merits of advisory measures that will appear before Clark County voters when ballots for the general election are mailed out Oct. 16. Of the six advisory measures — again, they are nonbinding — five of them deal in some fashion with mass transit. Important topics, sure, yet the measures are confusing and will settle nothing in the ongoing debate. We urge a "no" vote on Advisory Votes Nos. 1-5.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they are all ABOUT "the will of the people" when it suits them.  Otherwise?

Not so much.

As fellow blogger Lew Waters so eloquently asks:

"...think that will get Lefty Lou to hold up his ridiculous cup at C-Tran meetings?"


Lefty Lou is the penultimate asshole.  Like the rest of the C3G2 haters, he could care less what the people want if it conflicts with his agenda.

Rank hypocrisy is his middle name: he's more like a fishwrapper version of Hugo Chavez than he is someone who actually gives a damn about the "will of the people."

Except, of course, when it suits that scumbag and his fellow C3G2 fringe-leftist whack jobs.

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