Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Battle Ground Chamber blows it: hiring the cancer of Paul Montague.

I'm not a member.  And I've been hearing about this rumor for a few weeks now but couldn't confirm it: for whatever the reason, the Battle Ground Chamber has made the ultimate error and hired Paul Montague... to do... something.

Montague, best known for being a major reason the CRC Scam failed so abysmally in the legislature and among the public with his set of lies concerning the reasons for building the hated and massive rip off, was fired from his last "job" as the guy running the show at Identity Vancouver during their failed, abysmal effort to muscle... by any means available... the local legislative contingent into caving on the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

All that Montague accomplished was the alienation of all local GOP legislators and the outcome of, along with Kelly Love Parker, turning the local Chamber presence into the SW Washington joke in the Clark caucus in Olympia.

I've been hearing from people who have told me that as long as he's on board, they'll have nothing to do with the Battle Ground Chamber: that his boorish behavior and arrogant demeanor stands as reason to stay as far away from the Battle Ground Chamber as possible.

"Consulting executive director" indeed.  Montague's hate PAC, set up to attack candidates and incumbents who opposed his hated CRC Scam, was an abysmal failure that nonetheless stands as a continuing reminder to local legislators of his hatred and lies.

You would have thought those running the Chamber would have known better.  And this decision is likely going to cost them.

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