Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fringe-left, C3G2 haters heads exploding around the county?

So, this afternoon, both Commissioners Madore and Stewart voted down the Mielke proposal to put the various county departments into ordinance.

I must admit I was ambivalent about it.  The politics of it all were retched, amateurism stuff.  On one hand, Commissioner Stewart had a point: there was a vote, the people have spoken.  Commissioner Madore's position concerning the will of the people may have had a bit more impact had he done that will countywide on the fireworks advisory vote instead of what ultimately happened.

In the end, I could have went either way, but I likely would have leaned towards the ordinance.

No, I'm no big fan of Benton:  that he held the job should have had nothing to do with it, but hey, we all know the lie that was the Charter campaign and this effort to get rid of his job was no more about Benton then the charter was about Madore.

Hey.... wait a minute... the whole thing was about Madore.  I kept forgetting, given how long the C3G2 Scum and their fellow lackeys lied about it.

That said, I would have leaned towards the Mielke proposal for one reason and one reason only: these same C3G2-type scum who told us that if we didn't like the Charter we could always change it should have had the opportunity to go through that process themselves.

After all, they only would have had to collect 50,000 signatures or so to put the Benton job execution project on the ballot, and I think forcing the scum who rammed this down our throats to use the same process they foisted off on the people of this county to do the very thing they so cavalierly tell us we could do:  change the charter.... and get rid of the ordinance they so hated would be just the thing.

They would fail, of course: changing the charter is effectively impossible... just the way they wanted it.  But how nice it would have been for them to live with what they've done to us.

Meanwhile, the hated Madore and Stewart did exactly what the C3G2 scum wanted them to do... and now all that rank, stinking hatred of the C3G2 hate group is forgotten in the after-glow of what they no doubt believe is THEIR successful effort to "get" Benton.

At least for today.

And that scumbag running the local Pravda?

He actually thinks he had something to do with it.

God.  What a fricking moron.

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