Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's time for a new branch of the military: US Cyber Forces

The time is 1947.  Faced with the obvious, the Air Force is separated out of the US Army and formed into it's own branch of Air Power.

The time is 2014.  Faced with the obvious, the US Cyber Forces are separated out of all of the other branches and formed into it's own branch of computer combat power.

Right now, we are under attack.  Literally millions of times a day, the US internet system is attacked time and time again.

It is long since time for that to end.

A specialist military branch, organized and trained, made up of the brightest computer minds this country has to offer, built on the model of instantaneous and overwhelming retaliation against any attacker and any attacker's home country that does not assist us in defending us from these attacks.

With this difference: physical issues would no longer disqualify someone from participating in this branch.

Some of our best and brightest minds are those with disabilities.  A paraplegic genius could serve his or her country at an extremely high level.

Announcement and formation of such a branch is, in some form or another, inevitable.  After the Sony/"The Interview" debacle, the need for such an action is immediate.

The longer we as a nation wait, the more damage is going to be caused.  There are, of course, many details that would need to be worked out.

But a specialist, non-combat cyber warfare branch isn't a "nice to have."

It is, in fact, a MUST have.

And soon.

Because all that's happened now is that in North Korea, the people that did this to us are heroes, and the cowards who've curled up and caved have set the tone for years to come.

Rest assured, this is just the start, unless we as a nation make the costs so expensive that they wouldn't dare try it again.

Building a military branch with fully offensive computer capabilities for instantaneous response is the way to do that.

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