Thursday, December 18, 2014

The impossible dream: right-to-work legislation next session.

So, a "columnist" for the democratian seemed to put a whine-fest out there over the GOP controlled state senate.

He works for a leftist rag and snivels over the GOP Senate.

Go figure.

One of the mains focuses for his sniveling?

Sen. Mike Baumgartner's right to work legislation.

Baumgartner dropped the bill (introduced the bill.  "Dropped," in this instance, is counter-intuitive.) last year, and as the newly minted chair of Commerce and Labor, is likely to drop it again this year, since he can now insure that it gets a hearing.

This is how the sniveling whiner wrote about it:
When top posts are awarded on those committees, it is somewhere written that the leader must issue a news release explaining how pleased and honored he or she is to be leading a committee so vital in the grand scheme of protecting the interests of the good people back home. This is necessary even if that person served a top spot on another committee last session, and explained to the good people how important that previous committee was in the grand scheme of protecting their interests.
Such moves are often necessary to rise in the food chain. So Spokane Sen. Mike Baumgartner left the Ways and Means Committee, where he had been vice chairman, to become chairman of the Commerce and Labor Committee. This caused some grumbling from the constituency in the second half of the committee's title, which pointed out that Baumgartner sponsored the legislation labor hated most last session, a "right-to-work" bill that essentially would have made union membership voluntary.
But elections have consequences. If more unions and other Democratic allies had persuaded more voters to mail in their ballots in a few close Senate races, Democrats would have passed out chairmanships last week.
It's not altogether unusual that a fringe-leftist working for our local Pravda Izvestia would infer that "Labor" is ONLY limited to the few, shrinking unions unfortunately still infesting our work force.

Yes, elections DO have consequences.  At the national level, we've been suffering through them for years, now.

Meanwhile, passage of Baumgartner's bill out of his committee is probable.  Passage beyond that?

Not so much.

Even though formerly deep, dark blue states... Wisconsin and Michigan...  have flourished after throwing off the yoke of union oppression, even after being shown that wasting a half-million in union dues to keep an incumbent sitting in office (Stonier) will fail... the union grip around the democrat's throats and our wallets remain tight, there's no way the neo-communists (Think union lackeys like Jim "Molehill" Moeller) in the House would allow this to see the light of day.

"Right-to-Work" is inevitable.  As unions lose their grip on our governments and our wallets, more and more efforts will be made to put unions into the dustbin of history... were they so rightly belong.

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