Saturday, November 15, 2014

Troops will be going back to Iraq.

On a strategic level, it takes a special kind of stupid... a criminal kind of stupid... to tell the enemy that we are going to leave, here's the date, and we're not coming back.

Imagine: our casualties in World War Two were roughly 407,000 killed and 670,846 wounded. (Volunteers and drafted.)

In Iraq, our casualties have been 4,408 killed and 32,222 wounded. (Volunteers) (Not including the 22 of our brothers per day who simply can no longer fight and the thousands battling demons.)

It was a mistake not to go back months ago.

It was a mistake not to provide air strikes back when they would have made a difference.  It was a mistake to pull out long before they were ready (We've had troops in Germany for 70 years, for example) and it was a mistake to allow political leadership that did not reflect post World War Two Japan: they can have their leader, but their leader takes orders from us)

So, now, we've got to go back.

And now, much of our blood we spill as a result will have been unnecessary.  Many of the billions spent, wasted.

ISIS would not be happening if we had stayed.  We left.  ISIS is filling in that vacuum, which is the way that works.

I have been pointing out the weakness of these policies for months.  Now we find ourselves faced with a reality so obvious that even leftist government morons like Obama can't ignore it.
Will the generals do what they must?  Do they have the guts to demand that he act?  Do they have the courage to resign if her refuses?

I doubt it.  And far too many of us are going to die as a result.

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