Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lefty Lou Brancaccio doubles down on his Madore/Mielke fetish.

Our resident fringe-left nut job editor learned nothing from his year's long anti-Madore jihad.

Like an Arab terrorist, this scumbag will lie, exaggerate, cover up and ignore any pretense of truth and fairness in his dealings: Lefty is pure, leftist scum.

How or why Scott Campbell puts up with it is the mystery of the age.  This ass-clown is driving the democratian into a more permanent level of bankruptcy as circulation continues to fall even as our county continues to grow.

Like any other pro-CRC Scammer, Lefty is certainly entitled to our opinion on these issues: but his obsessive-compulsive disorder concerning his arch nemesis availed him nothing in the last election; if it had, his wearing out democrat kneepads in an effort to link every Republican running to Madore's checkbook would have made a difference at the polls, which it did not.

(Watch, for example, Lefty applaud The Liar's efforts to end the county's CTran veto capability in a raw political play next week... which Lefty knows all about by now but doesn't want to say anything to inflame the masses against so he'll ACT all surprised until after it's over... since the democrats are completely out of control of the county commission, this scumbag editor's best effort's notwithstanding)

So, Lefty, by all means: feel free to keep focused on those who have beaten you to a pulp where it really matters: the polls and your despicable rag's checkbook.

Your endorsements were as worthless as you are.

And that's going some.

So, having learned nothing acting as the democrat's bitch in the last election, Lefty doubles down.

And, in the end, all he's doing is hurting the company he works for.

Remember that classic definition of insanity.  Neither Lefty nor the democrats with their pro-CRC fetish have learned a thing: and they can't help but see the results of an ever-shrinking base and an ever-worse outcome in elections.

Lefty: you need help.  You should get it before you wind up in a rubber room.

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