Saturday, November 15, 2014

Where's Ridgefield Barbie Herrera on the upcoming immigration battle?

Once again, we have a controversial, vital-to-our-national-interests issue before us; this time Obama's impending amnesty of millions of law-breaking illegal aliens, and where's that cardboard cutout of a congresswoman?

What's her take on the massive increase in social services?  What about the major hit our unemployment rate is going to take?  What about expansion of medical, educational and food stamp requirements?

No?  Yes?  Nothing?

Like almost every other issue of importance confronting this country and this district, she's nowhere to be found.

Where's her town hall meetings to gage our concerns?  Where's her interaction with her constituency? What is HER position on this issue?  What is SHE going to do?


Where's her positions on Obamacare?  What's she planning on doing about this rape of our Constitution and our wallets?

Is she leading the way by actually getting rid of her health insurance and using Obamacare the way so many of us must?

Do you really think that's possible?

When we need leadership... when we need action... all we get from this empty-suited cardboard cutout of a representative is silence.

Not even cricket chirps.

Remember that the next time you go "wow, am I glad Herrera is in Congress."

She has been worthless since she got here in the state House, co-sponsoring SEIU legislation and voting to spend all our emergency fund on leftist legislation; she's been worthless and continues to BE worthless on resolving the CRC/Loot Rail Scam, forcing local legislators to do the heavy lifting and take the heat for what SHE should have done the moment she actually got to DC: cut off the funding for this rip off.

She's been mostly silent and/or inactive on veteran's issues, VA issues, transportation issues and everything that goes with it.

She DID pee on our legs and tell us it was raining when she threw veterans under the budget bus and voted to cut retirement and disability... her middle school lecture about political realities notwithstanding.

And now... we face Russia in Eastern Europe and soon their long range bombers flying patrols off OUR coasts and parking their nuke boats outside our harbors... We face Chinese expansionism and military modernization financed with OUR debt... and a swiss-cheese border just BEGGING to be violated by illegals and terrorists.... governmental abuse of the rights of Americans by the NSA and other agencies at an unheard of scale...and what is SHE doing about ANY of it?


Well, we have the government we deserve.  A coward in the White House.  A self-serving coward in congress.

And we are going to have to pay for that with blood.  This woman isn't fit to be a 3rd grade hall monitor, let alone a Member of Congress.

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