Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Think the politically slaughtered democrats are being introspective? Think again.

Partisan hatred is not the way to win elections.

Yet, partisan hatred is what the democrat candidates running in Clark County for legislative seats and, for example, county clerk, actually ran on.

Democrats outside the Vancouver Soviet running for law-making seats (County commission and legislature) got their collective clocks cleaned last Tuesday.

Bob Dingethal, abandoned by the DCCC and hung out to dry against the cardboard cutout of a congresswoman we're cursed to have "representing" us, was a case in point.  He, like, for example, received essentially zero support from anyone, and didn't raise a tenth of Ridgefield Barbie's money.

Now, as Dave Brat taught us that while money can be important, money truly isn't everything, even in politics.

Brat stunned the political world by taking out entrenched GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the primary for his district in the VA07.

Cantor had essentially unlimited money, and outspent Brat roughly 25 to 1 ($5 million to less than $200,000) in the primary.

For the entirety of his campaign, Dingethal spent comparatively more as a percentage, roughly 1 to 10.

So, how is it that Brat could make history while Dingethal got clobbered by a woman with the mentality of a door stop?

It wasn't for lack of working it: Dingethal worked his ass off while Ridgefield Barbie mailed it in.

Money isn't the only reason: We need look no further than the Stonier-Wilson race to see the opposite in terms of money: the special interests who owned Stonier like the 13th Amendment was the 13th Suggestion outspent Wilson by roughly 2 to 1 and still lost.

But when you look at the comments under Dingethal's posts on his campaign facebook page, the main themes present by these democrats are 1. a lack of money and 2., that so-called GOP gerrymandering... with a sprinkling of leftist voter demographic apathy thrown in.

Well, as I've pointed out, money helps but no amount of money can overcome an ineffective or irrelevant message.

Locally, the most obvious example was Joe Tanner vs. Tom Mielke for the commissioner race in 2012.

Tanner outspent Mielke roughly 10 to 1 and Tom crushed him.

So, money was eliminated as a reason.

The vote was county wide, so gerrymandering didn't have any impact like, say, the wildly-supported-by-democrats CTran district gerrymander.

The percentage of votes exceeded 60-40 for Herrera (Yeah, I know... go figure.) so the issue of the demo demographic staying home wasn't enough to be the cause.

And here's the thing: when you ignore the obvious fallacies these comments contain (It wasn't money, it wasn't gerrymandering, and it wasn't the demographic staying home) which consisted of the same things these loser democrats say every year... let me pro-offer a wild idea: instead of false excuses, maybe it's your positions that suck?

Maybe, just maybe, the people around here think you're wrong; that your party supports the wrong things, that your vision is not our vision.

Jaime Herrera is a rabid CRC supporter.  But what she's done through her press releases and letters is make people believe she shares the vast local majority view that the CRC Scam was a colossal waste of money and an indication of old-school corruption... Leavitt-style corruption.

Instead of going after her inaction on that rip-off and showing that the Empress has no clothes, he doubled-down on that stupidity that is the CRC and, by so doing, guaranteed her victory.

He nibbled at the margins, by rightly pointing out Barbie's cowardice on the matter of town hall meetings.  But for the most part, Babs has successfully pressed the illusion that she actually cares what we think or want when, in reality, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Dingethal was further shackled by his party affiliation as all democrats were this cycle, saver for those squatting in the Vancouver Soviet.  The more militantly partisan a democrat was, the less likely they were to win anything.

These are the facts of the matter.  But no one on the Dingethal page is doing anything but playing the role of prairie dog.

No one is asking themselves if they are right on the issues or if they are wrong.

And Dingethal is doing nothing to dissuade them.

Herrera would get reelected against this guy if she'd been convicted of Axe Murder. Dingethall didn't even make it to 39% against perhaps the weakest incumbent still in office today and he fails to admit where he blew it.

"They came on in the same old way and we defeated them in the same old way."[4][5]

So, by all means, democrats: keep deluding yourself into think your Che Guevara BS is going to win you elections... because it isn't.

Meanwhile, to be a democrat around here apparently is to live a life of self-delusion and fantasy.

By all means... continue. 

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