Tuesday, November 11, 2014

So, the daily democrat did its pro-forma Veteran's Day editorial.

Like they give a rat's ass.

Here's the thing: the VA is not substantially improved in any way since the news of the scandal first broke. 

I, for example, still have to wait 2 months to see a health care provider; I am supposed to receive another operation to try and save a finger based on an exam held 18 days ago without even a word of scheduling for that. (And yes, amputation remains an option because I've been screwing around with this for TWO YEARS.)

And my situation is minor compared to our wounded combat veterans in many, many, instances.

The rag tells us: 
As Americans recognize Veterans Day, honoring those who have served in defense of our country, there are reminders that such appreciation should not be limited to a single November day.
And yet, when the daily democrat expresses outrage... who gets the attention?

Is it the Administration that has so badly failed the growing veteran's population?

Does it involve specific demands for expansion, for improvements, for modernization, for responsiveness?

Are there cries of outrage when we veterans, promised FREE fricking medical care to enlist... for life... get that care... and get it FOR free don't receive it?  (A few years back, I was hospitalized for 11 hours for chest pains.  This "free" medical care cost me $1100.)

As far as I know, none of the slime writing for the Pravda Izvestia ever bothered to serve this country.  And that is frequently reinforced to me when scum like Lefty Lou wastes his ink on obsessing with his hatred of David Madore.

Meanwhile, the issues of genuine importance... the things that genuinely matter?  The VA issues, the cross-river transportation issues, the taxing issues, the efforts by Leavitt to railroad his agenda through CTran?

Those kinds of things are shoved aside in favor of Lefty Lou's jihad against Madore.

So, to the non-serving scum writing for the democratian?

Take your bogus concerns over us and jam them up your ass.  This veteran is insulted by it... because for you, it's kind of like taking out the trash: something you'd rather not do, but do because you believe you have to.

Your lack of concern over us is noted year-round.  So don't bother on days like today.

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