Monday, November 10, 2014

Jim Mains crushes the "Lie Zone."

Since he's a leftist and a charter member of the downtown mafia, the local rag loves to quote Jim Mains on all things political.

Apparently, they failed to review his record in this most recent election.  Otherwise, they would have noted that his challenge candidates got clobbered.  Worst of all was Shane Gardner.

Now, Mains came to my attention in 2012 while he was driving my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt's campaign into the ground.

I opposed Marc's re-election for reasons listed in detail in other posts within this blog.

While that would have been huge news anywhere else, this rag didn't want the population of this county to know that I was opposed to Marc getting another term, and that I had been for quite some time.

That knowledge would have hurt him badly enough that he wouldn't have survived the primary... and the rag couldn't have that.

So, as a consultant to Marc's Titanic, Jim Mains was apparently asked why I would oppose Marc since I had made no bones about it on this blog and had done so for months before the election.

His response?

Something to the effect that I opposed Marc because Madore was paying me.

I get that he had to say SOMETHING.  After all, to say anything else would have been to actually bring the real reasons I oppose Marc to the fore, and man... the left just couldn't have that, could they?

That was a lie, of course, but it's the kind of thing he does.

However, since he's the democratian's bitch and supports all of their candidates, issues and projects, they naturally go to a sock puppet who will tell them precisely and absolutely what they want to hear.

Like this tripe:
 If the pendulum is swinging to the right, many view Madore as one of the people responsible. He spent freely in 2012, primarily on his own campaign, and continued to do so in 2014. 
That's a frightening sign for Democrats, who may have trouble matching big-money donations moving forward. 
"(When) any individual is willing to spend that much money to influence the outcome of an election, we should all be concerned," said Mains, who works with both Republican and Democratic candidates.
I like the acknowledgement that Mains will work for anybody with a buck, and that political integrity really doesn't play all that much in his universe.

I missed Mains' squeals of outrage over the hundreds of thousands of Tom Steyer dollars dumped in to buy Inslee the Senate.

He must have slid his outrage about Monica Stonier getting hundreds of thousands of dollars from the WEA in her losing effort to stay in office.

And I missed his cries of outrage over the $3.5 MILLION Suzan DelBene spent to buy her congressional seat.

But as one of the C3G2 haters, he's not going to pass up a chance to take a shot at Madore... particularly knowing as I do that had Madore spent all that money on democrats, neither Main not any other C3G2 hater would have had problem one with it.

Shane Gardner never stood a chance of winning.  But you can bet that's not what Jim Mains was telling him as he was raping his campaign checkbook.

Add this to his idiocy:
Mains said: "Another reason the charter helps smaller areas (is), districts can elect someone without spending a lot of money."
That's utter nonsense.

There's no amount of money the downtown mafia wouldn't spend to get whoever they own elected to office.  And when the balance of the "council" is at stake, it will be just as, if not more, expensive than it is now.

Is it any wonder that his new candidates had a better chance of winning the lottery than they did winning their elections?

And this kind of hypocrisy?

Well, I'd say it's just par for ol' Downtown Jimmy's meme.

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