Sunday, November 09, 2014

The miserable Mussolini Mikey Briggs - Brandon "No free lunch" Vick campaign.

As expected, the worst of two positively worthless candidates was absolutely destroyed at the polls last Tuesday.

Mussolini Mikey Briggs was a joke.  Completely out of touch with the constituency of the 18th District... my district... and thus the one I know the most about.... now forever known as Mr. 36%, destroyed by perhaps the most inferior incumbent in politics today.

For years now, he's been spouting his rank, pro-CRC idiocy.  He continues to recite it like a fringe-left parrot. A loot rail fetisher from way back, he turned a completely blind eye and deaf ear to the people of this district and slavishly devoted himself to toeing the democrat, pro-CRC, screw-what-the-people-want line.

He never stood a chance.

Unfortunately, his incumbent opponent was equally worthless, but had the saving grace of having an "R" after his name in a district where the people would elect a garden gnome if it has an "R" after it's last name.

Brandon Vick has been utterly worthless as an 18th District anything, much like he was utterly worthless as county party GOP chair.

He mailed in his entire first year in office, and didn't do a hell of a lot more in his second.

He avoided putting himself out on anything; avoided passing any important legislation, avoided fighting for the district against the idiocy of the CRC Scam and was scarce when the fighting needed to happen.

He lied about his committee assignments, and generally emulated the equally worthless empty-suited mental midget we've got representing us in congress.

He lied about his role in any negotiations, and generally portrayed himself as something he absolutely is not.

In fact, "Lumpy," as he is known in the Leg, was all about the "no free lunch" role of the legislator.

Had Mussolini been opposed to loot rail/CRC Scam and taken political positions to the right of Mao, he may have stood at least a chance.

But when added to the personality of a snake, and the fund raising abilities of a 6 year old running a kool-aid stand, he never stood a chance.  Out of his depth, far over his head.

Vick survived a challenge in the primary from someone who actually WOULD have accomplished something.  With a little more savvy and a longer run-up, John Ley could have been a representative by, of and for the people as opposed to an empty-suited, cardboard cutout who has no business with a title.

I don't believe that Vick, in particular, did anything to us.  But that's not what he's up there for: he is, in fact, up there to work FOR us... and not for those free lunches he believes he deserves.

His only saving grace in winning is that he's not another vote for the Seattle-centric tax and spenders that run the House.

But that's not nearly enough.  He could be... he MUST be... so much more.

Because there are those who are going to keep coming after him until they catch him if he doesn't.

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