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The LAST thing the CCGOP needs: advice or critique from a fringe-leftist like Greg Jayne.

In a local version of Winston Churchill getting advice from Adolf Hitler, Greg Jayne is now doing everything he can to provide cover for RINO Greg Kimsey.  He's throwing red meat to his fellow leftists in the guise of "worrying" about the local county GOP on the matter of filing allegations against Greg Kimsey's multiple violations of state law and ethics.

First, I believe that Kimsey has broken the law, broken our trust, and broken with the GOP.

I believe there's a hell of a lot more in terms of legal grounds to recall Kimsey and proceed against him legally... if for no other reason to overturn the idiocy of the charter and resubmit it without the fringe-left lies that served to get it passed... than there ever came close to being for the lynch mob that want(ed) Madore's head on a platter.

Figuratively at worst.  Literally in their view, at best.

I expect the C3G2 haters/leftists will coalesce around Kimsey.  But, like Jayne's babble, it won't matter.

Yes, the local party filed allegations against Kimsey to the prosecutor that Kimsey had violated the law.  Yes, it's clear that I believe he has violated the law.

But for the scum so upset about Madore "breaking the law" (as they keep whining) by his donations to the state GOP... (They're pinning all their false hopes on a bogus ethics complaint filed by Al Bauer; save for that idiotic, politically motivated complaint, they've got nothing, just like they had nothing concerning the legal hiring of Don Benton) why is it that they're now so upset that a formal investigation be launched into their fellow leftist, Greg Kimsey?

Jayne leads off this idiocy by presuming to know anything about politics generally or GOP politics particularly.

His rabid support of the rejected-by-the-GOP charter shows that when it comes to political questions and issues, he's as ignorant about local GOP politics as he is about the "truth."

Kimsey made the decision to kamikaze himself on the charter because, like many of the other haters who supported it, he sees political opportunism in the passage of this political black hole. And, he'll hopefully see a reduction in his pay to match that of the "councilors"

But he certainly has slapped the party across the face since his political job was to either take the party's stance on this matter; quit the party to be an independent, or risk political punishment ala Marc Boldt for carrying the left's water like Gunga Din.

Jayne keeps reminding us that Kimsey is a "Republican."  I can make the same claim about my Cavalier Spaniel, but that doesn't make it true.

"Republicans" who support democrat causes are not Republicans:  Kimsey not only SUPPORTED this leftist cause, he helped to get it financed.  And then, he lied about at least part of it.  And, of course, Jayne fails to mention ANY of Kimsey's involvement in ClarkBackwards, the movement that he and democrat Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart started because of their mutual hatred of David Madore.


Yeah.  Right.

The result of that is what he's getting here.

And it's what's causing the left generally and one of their lap dog's particularly, Greg Jayne, to babble as if they fear the truth.

They would, figuratively speaking, sell their children in to ISIS slavery to keep this manure pile in effect.

With its narrow passage, and their review of the facts in this case they now see that, in fact, Kimsey likely not only shattered the laws concerning his involvement in this idiocy, but his involvement also likely will result in a court overturning this issue BECAUSE of Kimsey's interference and ethical/legal violations in support of this matter.

If you read Jayne's babble, just remember: the fringe-left said much the same kind of garbage about the local GOP when they kicked Boldt out for voting with Steve Stuart 98% or so of the time.

Boldt has retaliated by holding a PCO seat in the GOP (as if that would make any difference) and, per force, being Marc: never attending PCO meetings so his absence will hopefully be "noted."

Throwing Marc Boldt (My brother-in-law) out was the right thing to do.

Throwing Greg Kimsey out is the right thing to do.

Throwing that witless, empty-suited idiot in Congress out would be the right thing to do as well.

So, when Jayne starts off with a lie ("I hope they know what they're doing" when he actually hopes just the opposite, that the local GOP acts in such a way as to destroy itself and all the current GOP electeds with it) and then follows up with more lies (That Herrera's multiple Obama-supporting votes along with her complete lack of taking any steps to kill the CRC was "correct" on those issues) then the rest is easy.

Jayne starts with lies and moves downhill from there.

This issue is a legal matter.  Jayne's babble and spin on it in defense of Kimsey is a political matter. Kimsey could do us all a favor before he's recalled or resigns over this, and just quit screwing around and switch parties.  As a fellow leftist hypocrite who knows as much about integrity as he does brain surgery, he'd fit right in and, after all, he should proceed to formalize the marriage instead of just living in political sin, so to speak.

It doesn't matter what Kimsey has done in the past, though Jayne would have you believe that because he's avoided investigation in the past he should avoid it now.

Hatred, you see, can be a funny thing.  And Kimsey's hatred of Madore particularly and all things conservative particularly (As a "mainstream" democrat (oooopppsss... sorry, I meant "mainstream republican") his hatred of the right is documented.  And like so many other pols who believe themselves to be bullet-proof, his ego exceeds that of the size of a battleship.

In short; that he lost his mind over the charter, broke the law repeatedly, violated the appearance if not the reality of impartiality (How can ANY auditor who is in charge of counting the votes ever be involved in ANY political movement when HE is the ultimate arbiter as to whether it passed or didn't?) does not in any way mean that he's clean now.

You see, we have a set of numbers provided by THE most rabid supporter of the charter scam of them all.

Do we just take his word for it that those numbers are legit?

Absent a hand recount, how are we ever going to know?

And what would Jayne's take on all of this have been had the shoe been on the other foot?

What if Kimsey had helped set up the PAC that opposed this insanity?

What if he had joined with the GOP to oppose this stupidity?

What if he had abused the voter's pamphlet in opposition to this idiocy?

What if it had failed then?

What if the democrats had filed this complaint upon their complete defeat at the polls in every viable race?

Would Jayne then be telling the democrats off, and pointing out the multiple times when THEY'VE been wrong?

Of course not.

And that's the thing: a leftist offering a position on an issue that is none of his political business is just that.

It in no way makes his position right.  It's not UP to him.  At this point, prosecution and throwing Kimsey out of office, along with overturning the sewage pool that is this charter, is not going to be impacted by Jayne or the rest of the rabid left.

Like the local GOP's handling of Boldt and their mishandling of Herrera, what the CCGOP does or doesn't do is none of Jayne's business.

In fact... if it's determined by competent legal authority that Kimsey broke the law, that he lied in support of his proposition, that he used the voter pamphlet as a campaign piece... then what?

Clearly, Jayne is typically, wrong about the "crux of the matter."

The "crux of the matter" is whether or not he broke the law.


I, for example, have never shot anyone in Clark County.  I have a concealed weapons permit.

If I arbitrarily decided to shoot someone now without cause, would the fact that I hadn't done it in the past make any difference now?

Of course not.  Jayne knows that.  So he writes this tripe like Kimsey is paying him for it.

And then Jayne's babble about what Kimsey "has been."

As if any of that made any difference to the matter at hand.

What Kimsey said; what Madore said, what the freeholders asked for... none of that is relevant.

The questions that will be asked are these:

Did Kimsey abuse his position in support of a proposition he supported?  Obviously.

Did Kimsey lie about what the Charter contained, as in; did Kimsey lie about the Charter being subject to repeal?  Absolutely.

Who said what to who and when and nonsensically how is irrelevant.  That might have a place in extenuation and mitigation, but it does not change the fact that he, Kimsey, inserted absolutely false information in the voter pamphlet without allowing the "no" side to respond to a free pro-charter campaign piece.

That, of course, is undeniable.

Did Kimsey lie about the charter being subject to repeal by a vote of the people or any other way?

He absolutely did.

And THEN, for this COMPLETE idiot to say:
I don't know whether the Clark County GOP has a legitimate case against Kimsey. We'll leave that determination to brighter minds. But the letter to Golik says, "Any reasonable person who opposes the proposition would find these pages to be carefully crafted to put the proposition in the most favorable light possible" — which might the first time in a while the local Republican leadership has appealed to "reason."
Really?  If you admit you don't know if there's a case or not, then why are you writing this babble unless you don't give a damn and you're just providing cover for your fellow leftist buddy?

Let me help you with a bit of a rewrite, you fricking moron.
I don't CARE whether the Clark County GOP has a legitimate case against Kimsey. Even if they do have a case against him, because he lied and acted for me and my fellow leftists, that's perfectly all right and he should just go on about his business.
Breaking the law, acting unethically and lying in support of any issue on our agenda is perfectly OK. 
So, I''ll leave that determination to brighter minds. But the letter to Golik says, "Any reasonable person who opposes the proposition would find these pages to be carefully crafted to put the proposition in the most favorable light possible" — which might the first time in a while the local Republican leadership has appealed to "reason."
I remember this sort of stench emanating from this same cancer on our community when it came to Boldt.

Oddly, Boldt is nowhere to be mentioned in Jayne's screed.  And that's the kind of thing that makes so much of what scum like Jayne writes into nothing but pure, leftist, effluent.

In the end, I do blame the county GOP for their failure to sanction Herrera, who is as much a fake as anyone elected to office.

Sanctioning Ridgefield Barbie would have sent the message that either you support the party or you oppose it.  Had they sanctioned the Camas Manikin, had they thrown that empty-suited embarrassment out of the party, it would have sent a message that even Kimsey would have heard.

Their failure to do that may have emboldened Kimsey into acting this way, to our detriment.

And to date, the local party's "cannibalization" has had the desired effect.  After all, the result was getting rid of Boldt, was it not?  One can only hope they become more willing to drop the hammer and get rid of scum like Kimsey who piss on party positions a little sooner instead of a little later... like now, when it may be too late.

As for me, I believe this issue is worthy of prosecution and overturning the election.

After all, the leftists can always resubmit it with a new auditor without the lies he provided, and the outcome should be the same... right?  So what have they got to lose?

And to answer Jayne's lie of a "sure hope they know what they're doing" scam:

As I pointed out, they knew what they were doing when they got rid of Boldt, which you oddly fail to mention.  They'll know what they're doing when they get rid of Kimsey.

And, I'm sure, that if they want the advice of you and the rest of the rabid left, they'll ask for it.

Just don't hold your breath.

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