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Compare and contrast: Mussolini Briggs-Brandon Vick; Bully Loserham-Liz Pike.

I'm hearing that the RINO's are all a-chatter over the election outcome.

RINO's point to the differences in vote counts from the Mussolini Mikey Briggs - Brandon "Lumpy" Vick race and the Bully Loserham - Our Liz Pike race.

As of now, the numbers are thus:

Legislative District 18 State Representative Pos. 1
CandidateVoteVote %
Mike Briggs
(Prefers Democratic Party)
Brandon Vick
(Prefers Republican Party)
Total Votes (not including write-ins)43,601

Legislative District 18 State Representative Pos. 2
CandidateVoteVote %
Liz Pike
(Prefers Republican Party)
Maureen Winningham
(Prefers Democratic Party)
Total Votes (not including write-ins)43,811
But what's this?

As you can see, the leftists did miserably.  Also, as expected.

Lumpy picked up 1550 or so more votes than Our Liz.

Why is that?

Is it because Liz actually fought for the people while Lumpy sat it out?

That's what happened, of course.  On the issues important to the 18th District, Lumpy was invisible.

On the issues important to the 18th District, Our Liz was out there leading the charge.

In the mailers and in the ass-kissing endorsement of the Invisible Vick by the democratian, the lie concerning the number of committees and how Vick was "called in for the tough negotiations" (Somebody needed to run for coffee when they weren't getting a free lunch from a lobbyist) was repeated over and over and over again.

None of it's true, of course, but hey: lying is par for the leftist course.

And then, we can take a look at the leftists the neo-communists were running: Mussolini and Bully.

Of the two, Mussolini was the most outspoken for raping the people of the 18th on the issue of the CRC/loot rail.

His campaign... such as it was... was a lie second only to the charter.

There is no way... NO WAY... he would "represent everyone."

He knew that was a lie.  And now, he even admits that he was lying:

Mike Briggs November 6 at 2:19pm ·
Well, one good thing, once this election is officially over... I can reinsert myself into the interesting and valuable discourse that goes on in our big Clark County! (No, for some, I am definitely Not going away....) Cheers!

Decoded, that means:
Well, one good thing, once this election is officially over... I can stop lying about who and what I am by while I reinsert myself into the interesting and valuable discourse that goes on in our big Clark County! (No, for some, I am definitely Not going away....) Cheers!
God knows *I* don't "want you to go away."

I need you to be around so I can constantly remind you that your nadir of politics was getting slaughtered by arguably the worst incumbent in office today, Mr. 36%.

And that said, a blind ape would have beaten this clown like a rented step-child.

Abysmal at understanding his district, abysmal at communicating, abysmal at fund raising, Mikey was "dead man walking" the moment he announced... as someone... (Namely, me) said as much over the past several months.

While Mussolini says :
I worked hard, ran a good race, but the numbers so far are not promising.
THAT is THE understatement of the year.
I am proud I took the plunge and would not hesitate to do it again and would recommend it for anyone.
By all means.  Come on around for ANOTHER ass-kicking whenever the mood strikes.

I WANT you to both keep shooting off your mouth (Remember, the internet never forgets) and I WANT you to run again.  I enjoyed little this political season more than that.

With 6500 views, I'd like to think that Mike Briggs Watch played a role.

Meanwhile, Vick got 3% FEWER votes this cycle than last.  Maybe HE should ponder THAT.


Bully Loserham was, in fact, a joke from the beginning.

A partisan, leftist fringer, Bully's support from the unions was made in spite of the fact that her entire professional existence is based on facilitating the outsourcing of 10's of thousands of jobs to India.

Psychotic in the number and variety of lies she would tell in an abortive effort to tear down Our Liz to build herself up. Here's a brief summary of the entirety of her pathetic lie, her absolute joke of a campaign.

What she could do, better than Mikey, apparently, was raise money.  She put together a few bucks, mainly from relatives and union supporters, but the WEA knew she was a loser so they abandoned her to waste their hundreds of thousands on Stonier.

Like Mussolini, Bully never had a chance.

But she did do a little better than Briggs, who has been relegated to the pile of leftist waste that inevitably results from the downtown democrat's efforts to put a stiff up in the 1-8, road kill, really.

So Our Liz was faced with a psycho, but aggressive leftist who lied as insistently about Liz as Greg Kimsey lied about the Charter.

The result right now shows that in spite of that, she is currently about 1% behind her figures from 2012.

Ultimately, the one of the 4 who deserved to be in office actually made it.  Someone else made it as well, but he's been as useful as a rubber door stop.

And that can happen when you stand up and fight for what you believe in.  You're going to take lumps.  And, sometimes, you might even lose.

But more often then not, it's better to be a fighter like Liz, who stands up and makes things happen, then a door nob like Lumpy, who sits there and watches things happen.

When he's not out to lunch, I mean.

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