Friday, November 28, 2014

Test One for the GOP senate: will they actually kill off Obama's illegal alien amnesty?

I admit it: I'm something of a political cynic.

Unlike the blindered fringe-left and the psychotic local leftist media, I really don't care what your party label happens to be.

if you're worthless (Herrera Buetler, Vick) that you claim an "R" after your name gets you no cache' with me, even though I was once working as the Executive Director of the State GOP.  In fact, that is the time some 14 years ago that I can specifically point to as when my political epiphany actually took place.

If you're political movement is based on hatred; hatred of a group, hatred of a race, hatred of a man, then I call you out as what you are: a hate group.

I call out the scum at C3G2 as haters and their group as a hate group.  If I was part of a group devoted to the destruction of the slimeball running the country today because of his race or his policies, these fringe-left whack jobs would do the same.  They just don't happen to like it when the shoe fits for them.

And if you're corrupt (Tim "The Liar" Leave-it) or a liar (Tim "The Liar" Leave-it or Scott Weber) or if you're the epitome of arrogance and you crap all over your constituents and the people who put you into office by subordinating their positions of the arrogance of your own (Jimmy "Molehill" Moeller or Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart) then you should expect me to beat on you in this blog like a rented red-headed step-child.

I admit that I have been leaning more towards the Tea-Party position on the issues confronting us. After all, the quintessential RINO here locally, Greg Kimsey, has just finished crapping all over us here and acting like the left is paying hi on his charter scam... and hopefully, prison is in his future because of it.

If he's an example of a so-called "moderate" than can someone please tell me the difference between a scumbag like Kimsey and a scumbag like, say, Pridemore?

So, I look at a very few candidates who seem to be more interested in carrying Constitutional and GOP tenets than the establishment variety.  As a result, I've frequently asked (And have yet to get a response) if those elected under the GOP banner act and vote as if Obama was paying them, then what the hell good does it do to elect them?

The biggest local example of that was my own brother-in-law, Marc Boldt.  He voted like Steve "Screw you and what you think" Stuart had his hand up his back and into his head for the most part.  What good did it do to elect him since he voted with Stuart easily in excess of 90% of the time?

None at all.

So, I have proffered the idea that GOP control of the Senate will likely make zero difference, much like GOP control of the House has made zero difference, save for aiding and abetting Obama's efforts to weaken us militarily, make our foreign policy the laughing stock and to bury us in additional trillions in debt... as if we can afford it.

So now, the GOP-controlled senate will get it's first opportunity to make a statement: and that statement is to kill off Obama's illegal alien amnesty.

The how of it is rather easy.  There are a variety of other ways the GOP can stop up Obama's plumbing as well.

But do they have the will?  I seriously doubt it.

And if, as I suspect, they don't... then what the hell good did it do to elect this mainstream clowns in the first place?

Why none.  None at all.

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