Friday, November 28, 2014

So, Graf leaves the democratian.... so what?

There seems to be this rather bizarre idea that local government should respond to the whims of a daily publication that bases their editorial policy on the psychopathic levels of hatred towards someone in government expressed by its editor should be treated the same as a paper that actually tells the truth and treats people fairly.

How weird.

It didn't take Tyler Graf all that long to throw any pretense of integrity or fairness aside in his reporting for the daily democrat.  But then, the fish rots from the head down and one of the lessons I learned in college (Philosophy 102 at Eastern, if memory serves) is that the reason concentration camp guards and reporters have the ability to treat others differently than they would treat themselves is that both of these groups assumed the values of the organization for which they worked.

The reporters at the democratian lie, slant, exaggerate and omit because those are the values of the clown who runs that paper.

You either sign on to those values and his Madore jihad, or you're gone.  Simple, really.

So, it's not terribly surprising that Graf, who appears to be roughly 12 years old, whines about how the county government responded to his juvenile antics.

When, for example, he writes garbage like this, I've got to wonder.
Real transparency would mean a politician would explain himself to the county’s largest newspaper, or supply it with timely information.  
Why would they do that?  See, Graf, here's the thing: you people have no interest in telling the truth.

Your paper has flat out lied.  Your rag's editorial policy is to attack... rabidly.... those wise enough to oppose the idiocy of your neo-communist agenda.  Your despicable rag even repeatedly referred to those of us opposed to the stupidity of the CRC/Loot Rail scam as "cockroaches."

I'm not particularly sure if Graf was here at the time John "Pit Yorkie" Laird was allowed to spew that manure or not.  Nevertheless, it helped set the tone for years to come.

Graf fails to understand that with freedom comes responsibility.  And as Graf's exit spiel proves, he has no responsibility to the truth, instead, constantly allowing his fringe-left, pro-jihadist attitude to infest everything he writes.... the kind of attitude that Lefty Lou encourages with his cult of personality as a result of his hatred of David Madore.
Transparency does not mean posting propaganda on a Facebook page, deleting negative comments from community members responding to said propaganda
This garbage here, of course, is outright rank hypocrisy.

See, in Graf's stilted view, it's perfectly OK for HIS rag to DO THE EXACT SAME THING.  Odd, isn't it?

Graf, an obvious C3G2-style hater, works for an organization that first pioneered the art of censoring comments and banning those who simply won't kiss their ring... or ass, for that matter.  And yet, this punk then proceeds to condemn someone else for doing the EXACT SAME THING?

And, of course, fortunately for us all, what is and what is not "transparency" isn't up to Graf, either, because by the time he and the rest of that disgrace to journalism he's been working for spindle, fold and mutilate the truth in the name of their agenda, neither "truth" nor "transparency" are recognizable..

Nor, for that matter, does "transparency" resemble enabling your proven enemy of the truth to selectively cherry-pick information and then twist it until it bears no resemblance to reality as part of their meme.
(many of which simply point out factual mistakes)
Much like many of the comments from community members responding to democratian propaganda, you mean, Graf?

When you're the object of a local hate group whose sole reason for existence is to destroy you, how is it that you can conclude that allowing those scum to pollute your own, personal, facebook page with THEIR lies, exaggerations and hatred is somehow a responsibility of an elected official, all the while working for a rag that routinely does the same thing to those who disagree with THEM?

I get that you work for their propaganda arm of the Madore-haters.  I get that it's your job.  I get that the scumbag you answer to has achieved a psychotic level of hatred of the man.

But that doesn't provide you with any excuse, Graf.  That Befehl ist Befehl crap is just that, crap. Your responsibility is to the truth.  The whole truth.... not just the parts you think you like, leaving out little factoids that provide context or tidbits that run against the  meme. That you would condemn others for that which your own excuse for journalism practices every day it's in existence while you turn a blind eye?  That makes you a total hypocrite.
and then calling those people members of a “hate group.”
Yeah?  And?  The shoes fits perfectly.

So, what's your point?  How many names have the scum you worked with called us?
Madore does all of these things.
Yeah?  And?

Here's the thing, Graf: you're not going to last all that long shilling for a non-profit now that you've failed as a reporter.  Your lack of integrity, your gullibility and your ignorance doom you there as much as it did here.

So, you are doing us all a favor and leaving.

I'm fine with that.

You won't be missed.

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