Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mussolini Mikey learned nothing by getting destroyed in the 1-8.

Of all candidates running for legislative office in Clark County, guess which one did the worst?

I'll end the suspense for you: it was Mussolini Mikey Briggs.

Bob Dingethal even got more.  So did Bully Loserham.  Even an unfunded, unknown McCluskey.  He brought up the very bottom of the pact... the worst of the worse.

There were many reasons for that.  He's possessed of a personality of a snake; Leavitt-like arrogance, cluelessness, dim-witted sliminess, a tin-ear and complete ignorance over what the people of this county want.

A terrible fundraiser, a clueless campaigner, he was slaughtered by arguably the weakest, worst incumbent running, Brandon "Who says there's no free lunch?" Vick, Mussolini managed to get THE worst vote count by percentage of any of the fringe-left nutters running in the big three.

Expressing relief that he could stop lying about who he is and what his positions are because of the campaign, that slimy little worm STILL "blames" Rivers for being the Bridge Killer, too stupid to realize that every time he babbles about the CRC/Loot Rail scam, he strengthens any candidate generally and Ann Rivers particularly because of the successful effort to kill off Mikey's bridge fetish.

So, he's engaging in the same whining and sniveling that resulted in the revulsion that got him kicked so far to the curb.

He also seems confused over the importance of the democratian in this equation: if the democratian mattered, it would be Commissioner Pridemore, Rep. Stonier, and Sheriff Gardner.

They don't, of course.  But because he's worn out as many sets of knee-pads as a democratian lackey as he did in his abysmal effort to support the Obamaian-like effort to ram that horrific scam down our collective throats.

Clearly, Mr. 36% learned nothing from getting politically massacred... from being the laugh-stock/doormat I knew he would be.

And Mikey, I'm still out here... just waiting for you to either get stupid and run for something else, or to support someone else who is running.

You know... so I can Madore whoever that poor, miserable sot might be?  

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