Monday, November 24, 2014

Hagel out; All of the Generals should resign.

Hagel's resignation is long overdue.

As THE individual most responsible for implementing the crippling Obama policies of paying for Obamaphones taking priority over force capabilities; for shattering the social fabric of the Armed Forces with gay social programs and the idiocy of "women in combat," and the promotion of generals for their political pliability and not for their military skill set.

And that's the thing, you see: I last wore the uniform 28 years ago.  I ended my service as a commissioned officer, having started out as a 17 year and one day old Private and having worked my way up to Staff Sergeant... before getting my butter bar.

They taught us certain things concerning Duty, Honor and Country that it seems our military leadership have long since forgotten in the political jungle the Clueless One has replaced the military with.

The horror stories of military affirmative action.  The billions wasted on social programs in the military.   The reductions in force WHILE WE'RE STILL AT WAR.

Can you imagine what would have happened to FDR if he had pulled stunts like this?  Kicking our multiple tour combat veterans and their hard-won experience because of... tattoos.  Seriously.  Tattoos are getting warriors kicked out by barring them from reenlistment.

While our enemies gain strength at a geometric rate, we become weaker and weaker and weaker in the face of Russian and Chinese hegemony.

As a General Officer, you are SUPPOSED to be the epitome of Duty, Honor, Country.

You are SUPPOSED to stand at the height of meritocracy, being where you are with what you have based solely on your performance.

Now, it seems that your gender plays a role.  Your color.  Your religion. 

As a soldier, I never cared about any of that in combat arms.  I believed in my leadership because they got where they are (Unlike Obama) because they had proven ability and experience and a record that showed their ability to perform as leaders.

Now, we get officers like Hassan, and leaders that allow that politically correct BS.

Now, we get officers who get positions and promotions because they share the right political views, while hard-chargers are bounced because of their source of commissioning, because they were prior enlisted, because they screwed up a decade ago.... because, because, because.

We are getting weaker by the day.  Our enemies are getting stronger.  And those who know better... those with stars on their epaulets... sit silently.

Imagine the changes in policy that could be brought about if every single flag officer... every single one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff walked into Obama's office and handed in letters of resignation.

It's what the country needs.  It's what this situation demands.

I'm not so concerned about Hagel: he shouldn't have left years ago; exactly like Shinseki should have resigned the instant that anti-American racist bigot in the White House floated that bizarre idea to make our wounded veterans pay for their own medical care.

But these people have long since forgot that their duty lay with the people of this Country and the Constitution that are sworn to preserve, protect and defend... from ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic.

And our military... our country... suffers because of it.

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