Sunday, November 23, 2014

Democrats are perfectly OK with this when it's their guy.

In a sea of leftist hypocrisy, you can bet the fringe-left infesting us will be whining like cut cats over the nuclear option THEY implemented in the Senate to get rid of those bothersome GOP filibusters... which they didn't use nearly enough, by the way... so they can ram their appointments through Congress.

Now, of course, as it inevitably will, the shoe's on the other foot.

And what are these hypocrites going to start whining about?

The rules THEY implemented.  Because, well, you know, it's different when the left does it.  It's ALWAYS "different" when the left does it.

And that's why the fringe-left and the race baiters are so thrilled with Barry's decision to use the Constitution as his own version of Charmin 2-ply.

In a move that will cost us additional hundreds of billions, explode our schools, cut college slots for citizens and the like (Which has already happened, given that in many states, including our own, illegal aliens pay tuition at the in-state rate when they should, in fact, be deported) the president has told Congress to drop dead, a move that can be reasonably expected to happen repeatedly over the next two years, but a move that had a GOP president done it on, say, tax reform or privatizing social security or eliminating affirmative action, would have resulted in universal condemnation, media attacks across the country reminiscent of Lefty Lou's Madore jihad and riots that would make Ferguson look like a parking lot fender-bender.

This, then is a video summary of what took place and what will take place repeatedly before the horror of this scumbag's term is over:

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