Sunday, November 23, 2014

In my view: A History of Hypocrisy.

When you're a rag built on lies, fabrications, exaggerations and an agenda, you're hardly in a position to call anyone else out for doing what you do every day.

The rag attempted... and failed... to use the threat of a downtown developer "to leave" when the oil terminal is built to build opposition to this effort.

The democratian has lied and or misrepresented almost every salient fact about oil and coal transport that can be imagined.  That, of course, is a pattern well established years ago when it came to the Gorge Commission... then a segue' to the decade-long series of lies, propaganda and character attacks driven by an agenda that frequently results in both lies and doubling down on those same lies to get what they want... what WE want be damned.

I make no bones about it: I want the oil terminal built and I want the coal to come through.... since both the oil and the coal are coming through regardless of whether or not terminals are built here.

And, as always, whenever the rag is either for or against something... a position, an issue, a candidate... we're are all best served to do what we did in the last election (For the most part) and that is repudiate it.

The hypocrisy?

THOUSANDS of robo calls went out for Stonier from the scumbag former Mayor of Vancouver, "No Choice" Royce Pollard, urging people to "join with him in voting for Monica Stonier."

Except, of course, No Choice could not vote for Stonier, since he didn't live in her district.

And that goes to two patterns on parallel courses: a pattern of democratian lies, either by commission or omission, and a pattern of leftist lies generally.

The rag knew about the robo call because I blogged it that day, chapter and verse.  Yet, as expected since they so strongly supported that empty-suited WEA witch that they had trashed just the cycle before, they never wrote anything about it.

No article(s).  No rabid editorials.  No expose's.

This, then, is just one of the many issues the local version of the Nazi-Party German Newspaper, the Völkischer Beobachter, has: they turn this crap on and off like a switch.  They point out what even they refer to as a typo, try and use it to blow it up into an issue of some sort (Like that's going to change anybodies mind.) while they deliberately ignore the obvious lies of Pollard and Stonier.

And that's the problem they've got.

To be listened to, you've got to have credibility.  For your words to matter, you MUST apply the same standard ALL of the time and to EVERYONE.

 And that's the fail boat for the horrific rag we're stuck with here in the Vancouver Soviet region.

And that's a shame, really.  If their editor wasn't such a reeking, rank, psychotically-driven hypocrite, they actually could make a difference that is positive, and be a voice for the people instead of the downtown mafia special interests infesting us.

But it's this kind of one-sided garbage that makes them, effectively, utterly worthless.

Just sayin'.

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