Monday, November 10, 2014

Congratulations to all who ran for office. What did we learn?

Running for office is a tough gig, to be sure.  And all who stick their necks out are to be congratulated for having the gumption to get out there and mix it up.

And what did we learn from this cycle?

We learned from Brandon Vick that you can literally sit on your ass, do nothing, lie about what you have done and are doing, and get re-elected.

We learned from Jamie Herrera that, when packaged correctly, even using your sick infant daughter as a campaign prop, you can get re-elected.  We learned that you can avoid town hall meetings because you're a coward and keep your mouth shut on the issues confronting this country and you can get re-elected.  We learned that you can literally sit on your ass and do nothing at even the congressional level and get re-elected.  And we learn that you can govern by press release, actually accomplish nothing and have no impact on the CRC scam at all and, you guessed it, get re-elected.

We learned that the 49th District is so deeply, darkly blue that they will reelect a representative who holds them in the deepest possible contempt by ignoring everything they've told him they want while sucking the taxpayer's jugular dry with bogus per diem claims.

We learned that a county auditor can use the voter pamphlet to lie by omission and commission, use taxpayer dollars to campaign, and then hope that we don't question the results emanating from his election shop like the stench of his political aspirations.

We learned that a politician can lie directly to the people as a part of his campaign and get re-elected, as Scott Weber did brilliantly.

We have learned of the depths of the hypocrisy of the left around here, including their daily newsletter masquerading as a newspaper.

We have learned that the voters are easily confused, and that the charter yes people and the downtown mafia were able to take advantage of that.

We learned that, in fact, if you lie long enough, often enough and loud enough, you can actually win.

And we have learned that the left will not stop campaigning even for a day as their tactics, their hatred and their ultimate goal of taking over Clark County like the Nazi's took over Austria is now firmly in their sights.

Even though their candidates lost (of the 15 legislators representing Clark County, 12 are GOP; of the seven county offices, 4 are GOP and 1 is a fake.  Out of 22 partisan elective offices in the county, 6 are democrat.) the left will forget all about that and focus on the charter as their success while everyone else failed.

They have set about to turn THIS county into another King County... because they view that train wreck as their utopia.

And when these things happen... when our local government ignores the voice of the people as local government ignored it for decades before the GOP control finally took place in 2012... yesterday will have been the moment that actually began.

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