Monday, November 10, 2014

And here's why I've been saying the CRC Scam is still alive, and why local fringe leftists won't consider any alternative.

Have to wonder why we're seeing this article today and, say, not a month ago.

The slime that lied their way to a legalized coup known as a "charter" are the exact same slime who did their very best to ram this CRC crap pile down our throats.

In reality, the CRC/Loot Rail scam with its $2000 yearly (to begin with) tolls was never really dead.

It was merely placed into a sort of suspended animation, to be brought out as soon as possible... or when/if the left took the state senate back.

That, of course, is why none of the democrats running for elective office around here offered any alternative of any kind to the CRC Scam: their plan has been and will remain opposition to anything BUT the CRC Scam.  To throw up every possible roadblock.  To enlist tools like Lefty Lou and the C3G2 haters to just continue to throw grenades at any plan that does not have "CRC" stamped on it WITHOUT offering any viable alternative.

The leftist punks around here will continue to pout, continue to punish this community, continue to sit on their hands AND continue to claim the Scam is dead. As if we all didn't know better.

Meanwhile, they offer up absolutely nothing to replace their shattered dreams of raping Clark County for the next 45 years with ever-increasing tolls to get a project built that accomplishes nothing in terms of congestion relief, traffic or fright mobility or substantially reduced commute times.

You will note that the head useful idiot at the democratian has done nothing to hold the left accountable for their ongoing failure to this community; their ongoing lack of alternatives.  Obviously, he's wasted far too much of his valuable time spewing his obsessive hatred towards David Madore to cast an eye towards actually beginning the process of fixing the cross-river transportation issues confronting us.

Brancaccio sits like Buddha with his idiotic polls while he offers up precisely dick in terms of solutions (And he is SOOOO Smart!  Just ask him!)

And I suppose that sort of thing is to be expected when your big, bad, democrat daily has been supplanted as the Clark County paper of record... by a free weekly, no less.

And Lou's fellow fringe-left whack jobs are well aware of these realities... which is why all they can do is attack the plans of others while they, typically, do nothing.

While the mental midgets of the C3G2 variety continue to stock up their hate as they become increasingly irrelevant (How many democrats have been elected around here for the legislature or the county commission?) they engage in mental masturbation such as withdrawing from CTran (As if they could) to become a "VTran" and then just dropping trou and bending us all over for their masters at TriMet, the fact remains and the rag has confirmed that the CRC Scam is very much alive... waiting... waiting like a fringe-left vulture to swoop in and gobble down our hundreds of millions of wasted taxpayer dollars while a very few represent the bastion of those who would defend us from this insidious virus.

Everything that caused the hated CRC to go down in flames while taking the democrats with it (Notice that the longer they fail to address our transportation problems, the fewer of them their are in office?  Coincidence?  I think not.) remains in effect.

And this total lack of concern over the people's transportation problems will remain a major player in local politics for decades to come.

Local leftists continue to do all they can to move themselves into the irrelevance file as, with the exception of the Vancouver Soviet west of I-205, democrats look around at the red tide and ask themselves: "what happened?"

What happened?

You put your agenda ahead of the people.

And, as I predicted, 12 out of the 15 legislators and all of the commissioners are now GOP.

Got to wonder: why isn't the left asking themselves why that might be, and then doing something about it?

Something beside recycling the same old fringe-left talking points, over and over and over...

While expecting a different outcome.

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