Monday, November 10, 2014

The failure of the left's Madore hatred.

Was this a successful election for the leftists infesting us?

Of course it was: just ask them!

They believe their triangulation and demonization of Madore was THE critical element in the "success" of the charter scam.

That's not true, of course, but that's their meme.

Believe it or not, Clark County actually does extend beyond I-205 and north of 39th St.  The fringe-leftists among us are seemingly unaware of that fact, but there it is.

If Lefty Lou's "hate Madore" scam had actually worked, we'd be looking at a particularly dreary political scene:  A, God forbid, Commissioner Pridemore.  A child-sheriff.  A WEA lackey; a wholly owned subsidiary of the teacher's mafia.  A psychotic bully and liar representing us in the 18th.

The East County Bridge advisory would have been crushed by Madore-hating voters, fed up with the CRC hero's efforts as a county commissioner.

And how'd that work out for them?

In the end, they were so focused on their hatred and hypocrisy concerning Madore that they lost sight of the goal: getting democrats elected.

THAT is the ONLY issue that should matter to them.

What were the results?

Well, they got killed.  Everywhere.

I get that the left views Madore as the local version of the political anti-Christ.  By himself, he has done more to buy us time for our legislative fighters to finish them off more effectively than the entire leftist stable of CRC Scammers combined.

And, of course, Madore used his money.

So, the left threw a hissy-fit about a few bucks he spent while failing to show any concern over the hundreds of thousands wasted on Stonier by her WEA masters.

Well, it wasn't just Clark County where that stupidity failed:
Left struggled to move voters with Koch attacks and other big-money messages 
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Billionaire industrialist David Koch was the subject of attacks by Sen. Harry Reid and other Democrats during the midterm elections. (Carlo Allegri/Reuters)
November 9 at 5:08 PM
One clear lesson emerged from last week’s midterm elections: Running against big money in politics is hard to do. 
Democrats and their allies made the topic one of their central lines of attack this year, featuring the billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch in nearly 100 different political spots that ran in states from Alaska to Florida. But the issue failed to gain traction, and most of those Democrats lost.

The difficulty they encountered in transforming the public’s disgust with rich donors into political action speaks to how hard it is to move voters who view both parties as captives of wealthy patrons. 
Even as Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) repeatedly railed against the Kochs in speeches on the Senate floor, billionaire hedge-fund manager Tom Steyer commanded attention this year for the tens of millions he poured into a super PAC backing Democratic candidates. 
“It’s very understandable for voters to feel like there’s a pox on both houses,” said Nick Penniman, executive director of Issue One, a bipartisan group working to reduce the influence of wealthy interests in politics.

See, it's one thing to rail against ALL money in politics.  But the fringe-left haters were very selective in their targets, completely ignoring the hundreds of thousands dumped into Stonier's race, the hundreds of thousands wasted by billionaire hypocrite Tom "I made my money off of polluting energy sources" Steyer in his moronic effort to buy Inslee his senate or  the tens of thousands dumped into the Charter and all of the other efforts to do precisely what the fringe-leftists were whining about the most here locally.

In short, money isn't everything.  It doesn't get you elected (Does it, Monica?  Does it, Joe Tanner?) and it doesn't keep you elected if you turn a deaf ear to the people.

I'm sure we haven't seen the last of the left's hate for David Madore and their hypocrisy over his money.  I'm sure we'll continue to see Lefty Lou ignore the pressing issues confronting our community to take shots as Madore and throw bombs at any effort to fix cross-river transportation issues that isn't related to replacing the bridge and jamming loot rail down our throats.

And, in a way, I hope they KEEP doing it... because, well, we've seen how successful that's been, right?

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