Friday, November 14, 2014

Are we stronger now than we were 6 years ago and what are we going to do ?

One of the many paths of destruction the democrat oligarchy has inflicted on this country, besides the scam of Obamacare, besides multi-generational economic debt and crippling interest payments; besides looking like total buffoons around the world when it comes to foreign policy; besides the waste of thousands of American lives and hundreds of billions of American dollars; besides the utterly stupid mishandling of ISIS; besides the massive weakening of our military through social programs, budget cuts, shrinking the size of the military, the debacle of Eastern Europe and the Russian incursion into Ukraine; the promotion of political officers while disregarding the advice of our actual combat leaders and the complete abrogation of our external security... namely, the borders... and besides the unutterably contemptuous pandering of administrative amnesty for what, ultimately, will be over ten million illegal aliens, crippling our labor force even further... is our outright military security as a country.
Russia flexes muscles with long-range bomber flights near U.S. shores
By Greg Botelho and Faith Karimi, CNN
updated 7:41 PM EST, Thu November 13, 2014
(CNN) -- Russia plans to send long-range bombers to the Gulf of Mexico in what appears to be Moscow's latest provocative maneuver in its increasingly frosty relations with the West. 
Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said Wednesday that "we have to maintain (Russia's) military presence in the western Atlantic and eastern Pacific, as well as the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico" -- including sending bombers "as part of the drills." 
It's an argument U.S. officials don't seem to be buying. 
"We do not see the security environment as warranting such provocative and potentially destabilizing activity," a senior Obama administration official said Thursday. 
U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki offered a similar response. 
Russia increases air patrols over AtlanticPhotos: U.S. and Russian military aircraft Photos: U.S. and Russian military aircraftRussia's $730 billion war machine
Ukrainian battle caught on cameraRussian planes will fly near U.S. shoresRussia plans bomber flights near U.S. 
"We don't think there is a current situation in the western Atlantic and eastern Pacific or the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico that warrants additional flights in out-of-area territory," she told reporters. 
That's not all. 
Shoigu said that Russia will also boost its security in Crimea, the region it annexed from Ukraine earlier this year. 
"In many respects, this is connected with the situation in Ukraine, with fomentation of anti-Russian moods on the part of NATO and reinforcement of foreign military presence next to our border," he said. 

"It's an argument U.S. officials don't seem to be buying."

Really?  What are we going to do about it?

All of this happened and is happening on Obama's watch.  It would have been inconceivable in even a Bill Clinton Administration, let alone a Reagan or Bush presidency.

Meanwhile, many of our combat-experienced military are being kicked out so we can afford Obamaphones.

In some instances, because they've got tattoos.

Efforts have been made to reduce our carrier force  and shrink our ground forces at a time when we need to be expanding the military as a deterrent to Russian adventurism and to "defeat and degrade" ISIS.

I'm not going to lay all the blame at the Clueless Moron-in-Chief's feet, however: GOP pols have gone along with his plans by failing to act to thwart them.

And yes, I am referring to, if necessary, the ubiquitous "shutting down government" scam if needed to put a stop to this insanity.

The now well-trained-by-the-media GOP recoils in horror at the very thought of such a thing because, after all, getting re-elected is Job One and they fear losing their jobs over losing the country.

We're told "the important thing is getting GOP senators and representatives elected."

Meanwhile, we sink further in debt that the next 5 generations cannot pay, our world is crumbling around us and the political axiom that "both nature and politics abhor a vacuum" is borne out in front of our very eyes as our clueless coward of a leader sells us out in fits and starts... but, By God, the GOP now controls both the House AND the Senate.

Watch them fumble the ball.  Watch us as we become no better off two years from now.

I have been demanding that the GOP act on principle and integrity.  Instead, we get political expediency.

And with the GOP's acquiescence, we grow weaker and weaker, both externally and internally,

And two years from now, it won't be any different.

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