Thursday, November 13, 2014

Democratian doubles down on stupid: I-5 Bridge fetish continues to lead their idiotic agenda.

As we now know, but the democratian has never reported, the only reason there was discussion of replacing the I-5 Bridge was the drive of the loot rail scammers.

For documentation of the democratian's stupidity on this issue and their ongoing failure to address reality, one need only read this Willamette Week article that discusses the Oregon Supreme Court Metro decision of almost 3 years ago (February) that lays it all out in detail.

The democratian has refused to acknowledge this article of that court decision: after all, to do so would make them look even more childish and, well, down right stupid.

Further, the people of this county have spoken... repeatedly.  Yet neither the scum running the democratian or the scum RUNNING as democrat ever listen.

We do NOT need another I-5 Bridge.

We DO need additional capacity in other locations across the river.

That the fringe-left nutters continuing to shill this idiocy obsess on their scam doesn't change it.

And the irony of all of this is simple: if they were to actually look for those they want to blame the most, they should begin with ever-shrinking concentric circles that end with them standing in front of a mirror.

It wasn't that long ago that the two morons running Washington and Oregon told us in no uncertain terms: no light rail, no bridge.

The rag continues to lie, foolishly, when they falsely tell us (Wow: the democratian lies.  Who knew?)
While the CRC proposal had glaring flaws and died an ignominious death, the need for an improved I-5 crossing remains alive and well. It also remains a priority over any proposed third bridge connecting Vancouver and Portland.
False and absurd on its face, this kind of obsessive behavior is a symptom of what drives Lefty Lou's psychotic obsession over the Madore jihad.

The CRC is anything BUT dead: the proof of that pudding is the fact that not a single democrat running for anything has come up with anything else.

Fortunately, the rag doesn't make policy.

Fortunately, the 12 out of 15 legislators representing this county are in lockstep against this idiocy.

And for all the good it did these morons, they might as well have come out and declared that the world was flat.

As they go on to quote other liars who are saying nothing ("It's been identified as a transportation safety need," said Bart Treece, spokesman for the Washington State Department of Transportation. "Just because the project went away doesn't mean the need has."

"Identified" by who?  Just because some amorphous person or group says it is a 'transportation safety need' doesn't make it so.  How hard would it have been to find someone who disagree with that idiotic perspective to call BS on it?)

Here's an excerpt that addresses this kind of nefarious crap when the pro-CRC Scammers use the reasons of "safety" as a justification to rape this community:

Backers have cited traffic and safety issues as the top reasons to build the CRC.  But the court ruling means those and other justifications were created after officials decided to give a sop to Clark County, now worth $2.5 billion. (As of February, 2012.)
In short, they back-filled "reasons" to cover their loot rail scam to get us to buy into it.

But the entirety of the reason to replace this bridge when so many other options and needs are out there began..,. and ended... with light rail.

Of all the priorities out there, replacing the I-5 Bridge was dead last from the beginning and it remains dead last now.

This obsessive view of the fringe-left is why local democrats have fallen on their collective political swords for a decade; a large part of why they were slaughtered in this most recent cycle and a large part of why they will continue to get tattooed for cycles to come.

At some point, the leftists will get tired of getting their collective asses beat and they'll begin to actually dialogue with the people who have to pay the bills in an effort that will result in a plan that the people of Clark County can actually get behind: 2 additional bridges, with REASONABLE tolls, and THEN the replacement of a non-light rail capable I-5 Bridge.

Meanwhile, the path is clear: efforts should be shifted to retro-fitting the current, paid for and quite serviceable I-5 Bridge along with the construction of 2 additional bridges... none with light rail.

And every time the rag beats this drum; every time they write about the CRC Scam without mentioning the Oregon Supreme Court decision laying out the true reasoning behind this debacle; every time a democrat whines about the CRC Scam going down to a flaming defeat, every time the rag and their fellow leftists throw another grenade at efforts to address our cross-river transportation problems without offering a single viable alternative, it serves to reinforce how out of touch the rag generally and local democrats are specifically to the people of this county.

And I DO thank them for that.

They stubbornly insist on ignoring the will of the people.  And by engaging in that tact, they set up their own destruction.

Remember back in 1994, when only a single GOP legislator represented Clark County? (Linda Smith)

I do.

Twenty years later, the dems have completely lost control of the commission and have effectively disappeared from  the legislative scene outside the Vancouver Soviet.

Of these 18 total seats... the dems have increased the number they hold to... 3.

So, for the democratian and their winged monkeys?

Keep it up.  For the rest of us, you're doing a fine job.

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Pete Masterson said...

The "safety" aspect of the Interstate Bridge is that it has no 'shoulders' and is thus declared "functionally obsolete" since new bridges would be required to have shoulders (safety lanes) where a disabled vehicle could pull out of traffic.

In California, the Richmond-San Rafael bridge, opened in about 1960, was designed with 3 lanes in each direction (on two decks) with minimal shoulder area, similar to the Vancouver-Portland Interstate bridge. Traffic was light enough that the R-SR bridge was "made fully compliant" by re-striping it to have 2 lanes + a "pull out lane" in each direction. A similar solution is possible (but not advisable due to traffic) for the Interstate Bridge.

You are absolutely correct that what is need are additional bridges. The "east county" location would help, but probably not pull much traffic from I-205. A new bridge, to the west of the Interstate Bridge ... perhaps hooking up to US 26 on the Oregon side ... would make a nice addition and could be connected up to the existing freeways for through traffic and would relieve some congestion on the Interstate Bridge.