Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Typical leftist hatred against Prayer Breakfast speaker, LTG Boykin.

I was struck by the hypocrisy of many of the comments.

For example, Jim Mains, hardly a paragon of integrity or virtue and certainly not one to be in a position to speak, decided he'd tell us all what "Jesus would do."

As if he knew.

Mains, who has been shilling the hatred of the C3G2 hate group effort to rip our local government apart (for a pay check, of course... one he voted for so he could get one from the "yes" campaign) is no more in a position to speak for Christ than he is to grow a head of hair.

LTG Boykin is a hero who has earned the right to speak, paying for it in advance, unlike any of the leftist whiners babbling about his choice as speaker.

One moron babbled "This man is better suited to speak for the KKK then to speak to our community."

The irony of that is that Boykin, former Commanding General of the US Army Special Operations Command, former Special Forces, Former Ranger, Former Delta Force, Former Deputy Director of Special Activities at the CIA, Former Commanding General of the Special Warfare Center and Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for intelligence...

... bled so morons could shoot off their mouths that way.

You see, we here in this country have the right to be idiots and hypocrites, pretending to speak for Jesus.

We also have the right to not go.

If you don't like the speaker at any particular function, including this one, then spare everybody your butthurt and DON'T GO.

Personally, I find most of our corrupt local leftists who go out of their way to ignore the voters to be far more offensive than anything Boykin has said.  And nobody cares that scum like Leave-it or liars like Mains (Who claimed during the 2012 commissioner election that my opposition to my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, was based on a pay check from Madore... a complete falsehood) offend thousands of us all the time.

So why should we care if they, in turn, are offended?

We shouldn't.  Offense is the faux-victimhood of the fringe-leftist.  Don't like it?  then pull up your big-boy pampers and don't go.

But for God's sake, stop whining.

You're going to have enough to whine about the evening of November 4.

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