Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The truth comes out: did Mains and Lentz push the Charter because there is a paycheck in it for them?

Yeah, nothing to see here... move along.
With Madore’s $37,000, the anti-charter committee has almost caught up to a competing committee, ClarkForward, which supports the charter.

As of Tuesday, ClarkForward reported receiving $91,588 in contributions and spending $58,418.

The largest chunk of money, $15,000, has gone to MDC Research, a Portland firm that conducts surveys. Another $5,350 has been paid to High Five Media, a Vancouver company run by two former freeholders, Jim Mains and Temple Lentz, who are stumping for the charter.
So, what kind of a deal was made with Mains and Lentz to get them to vote for this insanity as freeholders?

Are we to believe that the lure of thousands of dollars had nothing to do with it?


Ethics isn't real big on the left.  While the entirety of this coup attempt is improper, the appearance of impropriety is overwhelming... like the stench of corruption.

There's no excuse for this sort of nonsense, and it's the kind of thing I expected the "Yes" side of the Charter scam to be involved in.

Oh, yeah... and by the way?

Have you heard about the results of that $15,000 poll?

No?  Why do you suppose THAT is?

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