Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Another Clark County dirty little secret hate PAC: "No Choice Royce."

Perhaps the most hateful individual outside of Paul Montague when it comes to getting clocked on the CRC Scam is once "No Choice" Royce Pollard.  His response was the same idiocy as Paul Montague's: set up his own PAC.

Primarily responsible for the Hilton Hotel rip off that hasn't come close to making a profit AND for breaking a few cups over his head, No Choice was one of the most rabid scammers on the CRC rip off, including such idiocy as a "cap" over the I-5 Freeway on his wish list... since, it being that it was OUR money and not his, there was no end of ways to spend it.

Ousted by the biggest local liar in politics today, Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, Pollard spent years defending the corruption and incompetence of the CRC Scam and, in the end, wound up looking like a blithering idiot on the matter, not unlike CRC cheerleaders such as Leavitt, Pridemore, Montague, Cleveland, Moeller and that ilk.

Like all other leftists around here, he totally ignores the will of the people and has one bent and one bent alone on the local political scene:  revenge.

And that leads us to HIS hate PAC, moderately more successful than the complete failure of the Montague hate PAC.

Those who've donated to this effort are a who's who of CRC Scammers.  The same ilk behind the Charter rip off, these clowns violated PDC laws BIG time by spending $2500 they didn't have on a consultant, over two weeks before their first donation.

How can you legally spend money you legally DON'T have?  Who actually provided that money?

Well, when hatred drives you like it does Pollard,  What does legality have to do with it?

Obviously, Pollard wants to be a player in the political realm.  His biggest problem is that he's a has-been, a buffoon, and completely irrelevant.

That, of course, is his privilege.  Just like it's mine to raise the profile of his little effort so people can see that it's funded by the more rabid of the pro-CRC Scam ilk... just like the Charter.

 BYRD ROBERT                                    9/28/2014      $1,000.00
 HORENSTEIN STEPHEN                    9/28/2014      $500.00 
 MANNING MARSHA                          9/28/2014      $73.00   
 HORTON DENA                                   9/28/2014      $50.00   
 PHILLIPS PAGE                                   9/28/2014      $50.00   
 STRICKLER KRISTOPHER                9/28/2014      $50.00   
 SW WA ELECTRICIANS PAC 48     10/10/2014      $5,000.00  
 STANTON JUDIE                               10/10/2014      $200.00 
 NIERENBERG DAVID                       10/14/2014      $1,000.00
 SCHAUER TIMOTHY                        10/14/2014      $500.00
 BARDACKE ANN                               10/14/2014      $250.00 
 HENNING MOLLY                             10/14/2014      $250.00 
 LOGAN MATTHEW                           10/14/2014      $200.00 
 MORRIS BETTY SUE                         10/14/2014     $100.00

Kristopher Strickler, for example: Deputy Director of the entire project.

Just like on the charter scam, these people did not and do not give a damn WHAT the people of this county want.

So, I'll be keeping track of this RatPAC, shining a light on them so I can see where they scurry.

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