Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thoughts on the prayer breakfast hatred.

What an interesting time we live in.

A genuine hero who has shed blood for this country is coming here to speak.

The fringe-left hater, C3G2 types are losing their minds.

Well, I've got a really simple solution to the haters: don't go.

But I am getting heartily sick of fringe-left hatred trying to censor and silence those they disagree with.

In locations around the country, leftist assholes like those attempting to disrupt this activity do all they can to silence those they disagree with.

College campuses are particularly susceptible to this sort of Nazi mentality.  All over the country, leftist scum have banded together to censor and shut up those wise enough to disagree with their efforts to abort the First Amendment.

This community has been something of an embarrassment since we first heard the words "Jim Moeller."

For at least two decades now, The Pollards, the Moellers, the Smiths and the Leave-its have turned this community into their version of a ghetto.  Empty store-fronts, street people defecating between buildings, millions wasted on the Pollard Hilton, efforts to waste tens of millions more on the Ballpark Scam and BILLIONS more on the idiocy of the CRC.

In short, none of these clowns are the brightest bulbs on the tree.  All too eager to waste our money and swim around in the sweetheart deal scented pool of corruption.  None of these clowns are, in short, fit to carry LTG Boykin's luggage.

So, a private group holds a "Mayor's Prayer Breakfast" (Admittedly a dumb name with scum like Leave-it involved: the only church he goes to is of the "Monday Night Football" variety) and this C3G2 variety hatred is the result because this private groups choice to be the speaker at this breakfast doesn't meet with their approval.

General Boykin was an exceptional soldier and officer in the United States Army.  Unlike the majority of the slime who see this opportunity to extend their blithering idiocy for public consumption, he actually prepaid his right to speak however he may decide.  These people essentially never thought enough about this country to wear it's uniform or to sacrifice for it.  They see their viewpoint as being both superior to and ascendant over that of the General.

The First Amendment is a meaningless exercise to them.  If they don't support the perspective being offered, then, By God, they will do all they can to disrupt, to silence, to censor until EVERYONE thinks like they do... or else.

Hate can be a destructive force.  In a few days, the haters working so diligently to damage our community are going to discover if their hatred will be successful and this county will reflect the neo-communist influence of the Vancouver Soviet... bringing the trainwreck mentality of an out of touch city government, countywide.

I'd rather have a root canal without lidocaine.

So, tomorrow, a breakfast designed to bring us all together without poison politics will be rif with the very thing we seek to avoid.  Faux outrage will be on display as the fringe-left nutters will outdo each other in their efforts to express OUTRAGE over the words General Boykin may... or may not... express.  He will be condemned longley and loudly before he utters any of them.

Politicians will decry.  Businesses, which I will list here when they become available, will withdraw, recoiling in horror and abandoning integrity because of their fear of "offending" the fake victims.

I will never vote for any politicians who abandons the First Amendment on partisan pretext.  And I will never patronize any business that does the same.

There's zero excuse for this kind of playground bullshit.  And I, for one, am sick of it; regardless of what General Boykin has said in the past.

Controversial speakers such as the former chief of staff of the Black Panthers were invited to speak here at Clark College a few years ago.  Black Panthers engage in reverse racism and many have been convicted of murder.

Did any of these scum, expressing all this outrage react that way at his invitation?

Of course not.

You see, it's not only hatred that I object to... it's the fringe-left hypocrisy in the face of their strident claims of "diversity" that are so sickening.

Instead of showing a community of tolerance, we show him... and the rest of the world... a community of leftist bigotry... because that's what they are.

An embarrassment to the country.... even more than they usually are.

If these people had any integrity, they'd live up to their commitments and then take him to task, instead of framing this issue as yet another in the series of their efforts to Rule 5 an opponent.

It disgusts me.  It's not what I or the General wore the uniform for.

And the vast majority of the slime screaming the loudest have no idea why we bothered.

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Lew Waters said...

Somehow, calling to protest this event and the speaker is what the left considers as "diversity" and "tolerance."

One even named the page calling for the protest “Stand on the Side of Tolerance.”

You just can't make this stuff up.