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The downtown mafia stronger than party lines: Arch Miller shaming for Pridemore.

Arch Miller and his kids have tremendously benefited from being in the downtown mafia.

You remember, don't you, Miller's attempt to implement the biggest tax increase in Southwest Washington history a few years back?

Jon Russell, fake conservative was their consultant.  That and the substance of that rip off, going after money their Director indicated they didn't even need, led to the increase being crushed at the polls and Miller getting kicked off the Port Commission onto his ass.

And his kids?  Well, there may be no "free lunch," but if you're "connected," then there is CERTAINLY "free rent."

FRIDAY, APRIL 01, 2005

The political incest of downtown Vancouver.

So, there's this restaurant, see?

They’re located in one of Vancouver’s pet money drains, The Grant House, a smaller part of that HUGE taxpayer-waste money drain, Ft. Vancouver.

Well, see, the two women running it, being business geniuses, over-estimated their revenue JUST a bit… $2 million. And now, they can't pay the rent.

Obviously, they lied about their projections as a way to get their collective foot through the door, becoming what… the zillionth restaurateur to fail in The Grant House?

Except for one thing.

They haven’t failed.

Now, anyone else; say, you or me, would have been bounced out on their keisters. “Can’t pay the rent? SEE ya!”

Unless…. Well, unless your daddy is Arch Miller.

See, if your daddy is Arch Miller, not ONLY do you NOT fail… a city and their taxpayers (did I mention they’re going to get hammered for $60 million or so on that hotel “deal?”) GREATFUL for getting screwed by you, let you stay there, in business, FOR FREE.

Clearly, when you’re doing business with the city of Vancouver, it’s not who you are… it’s who you know.

This is just sad. But it’s also altogether typical of the political incest common in downtown Vancouver.

And it also begs the issue: why wasn't this reported in The Columbian?

Gee. I can't imagine.

City gives Grant House restaurant a break on rent 

Owners of the Restaurant at the Historic Reserve report a shortfall of $2 million after operating for nearly a year 

Thursday, March 31, 2005

VANCOUVER -- The company operating a restaurant and other amenities at the Vancouver National Historic Reserve is $2 million short of expectations after nearly a year in business.
To help the owners of the Restaurant at the Historic Reserve, the city will not charge rent on the historic Grant House on Officers Row. The city also will explore strengthening the Grant House's second-floor veranda, which is limited to 30 people in groups of no more than four people. 

The owners think the $2 million shortfall resulted mostly from delays in launching a business plan for a culinary arts and hospitality management program at the Reserve. 

The restaurant owners, sisters Suzy Taylor and Lynn Rullman, also own the International Air and Hospitality Academy. The academy, in turn, operates the restaurant. 

Along with their father and academy founder, Arch Miller, also a Port of Vancouver commissioner, the sisters announced plans in February 2004 to begin a culinary and hospitality arts program, which would be operated in the West Barracks and be part of their technical classes. Their plans represented the first commercial interest in the World War I-era and other historic buildings the Army is expected to deed to the city this year. The academy leases some of the buildings from the city. 


"If it's important to Clark County... you'll read about it in The Oregonian."
And then THIS beauty!


The empty threats of Arch Miller: head first into the moron zone... "Arch comes out swinging?" Who cares?

Third in line to Obummer and Ridgefield Barbie in the tinnest ear in politics list, Miller tries to flex his nonexistent muscles... and naturally, the slimeballs at the democratian have to publicize it.

Miller, best known for getting hammered because of his inexplicable efforts to ram what would have been the largest tax increase in local history down our throats in an effort to expand his Port empire... as well as both his daughters getting free rent at the Grant House because they couldn't make a profit with their restaurant... and Miller knew people... giving them a corrupt deal we could never dream of...

Made a typically weak move by throwing a fit at the commissioners and the city council if they didn't do what he wanted... in opposition, of course, to those of us who don't want to get shafted for HIS business interests... and those of the rest of Identity Vancouver/Downtown Mafia crowd.

Well Miller has it all wrong.

Anyone voting FOR this crap pile will be electorally DOA the next day.

Boldt LIKES being a county commissioners.  He knows what's going to happen to him in the next election if he votes for this.

And there's really nothing Miller can do about it... including throwing a fit..


Blog: All politics is local

    Arch Miller, influential businessman and baseball backer, sent an email to the Vancouver City Council and the Clark County Commissioners last week, drawing correlations between the NBA lockout's effect on Portland businesses and the potential benefit that baseball might bring Southwest Washington.
    Miller, who has frequently donated in state and local political races (although his only contribution this year was one on Sept. 6 of $200 to Craig Riley), also let the politicians know they are replaceable.
    "Whether you are reelected or not is not important," he writes. "There are many others who are well qualified to fill your seat." (Just like they filled YOURS, right, Arch?  Idiot.)
    We bet the campaign checks won't be rolling in for those who vote against the proposed 5 percent entertainment tax -- which would be used to fund 40 percent of the construction cost of a stadium at Clark College. The team would pay another 30 percent of the $23 million cost.
    We also wonder if Miller sent similar emails to local businesses, asking them to help fill the 30 percent gap in finances?

    That Andrea being wrong is not surprising: the only thing smaller then her journalistic skills (or the lack thereof) is her political ignorance.

    Of course, since the rag wants this crap pile, I suppose she has to say garbage like this.

    Because, in the end, money doesn't buy you a seat.  Just ask Jack Burkman who got busted by Pat Campbell, and Pam Brokaw, who got nailed by Tom Mielke.
    Is it any surprise that Miller, then, hates the conservatives on the commission and wants to replace them with Pridemore?

    He sent this crap out, for example:
    Subject: RE: Important Invitation- Event Next Week We all need to work to vote Craig Pridemore as our next County Commissioner, or we will have three (3) “R” Commissioners.   We receivd[sic] word today that the State of Washington Republican Party has spent $35,000 in TV advertising for Steward, $35,000 that apparently was paid by David Madore.  Craig needs an additional $25,000 to complete the advertising planned during the next two (2) weeks.  Please help us by attending this Fundraising Reception at the home of Jane Jacobsen.  Thank you.   Arch Miller
    Who knew that Miller hated the GOP so much?

    Who knew he was a worse speller than I am?

    And why would people want to waste their money on this moron's say so?

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