Thursday, October 16, 2014

How Michelle Obama, Klingon Princess, is clobbering the democrats in the upcoming election, or "there's no such thing as a free lunch."

Because, apparently, the Klingon Princess can't bake a cookie to save her life, she has been screwing around in the lives of tens of millions of our children through her grossly hypocritical edicts concerning school lunches and everything that goes with it.

Are we, as a county, too fat?  Yup.

Does being overweight cost the people of this country 10's of billions every year and take years off our lives?  Sure does.

Should the issue be addressed?  No question.

Is a rank hypocrite like Michelle Obama the one to be the point man on this issue?

Absolutely not.

And here's the latest reason why: a picture of a school lunch, taken Monday, by a pregnant high School student:
Chickasha lunchStudent’s photo of skimpy Michelle O school lunch sparks outrage
October 16, 2014

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CHICKASHA, Okla. – Lunch meat, a couple of crackers, a slice of cheese and two pieces of cauliflower qualified as lunch in Chickasha Public Schools Monday. Student Kaytlin Shelton took a photo of the skimpy lunch and showed it to her parents.                    
“It makes me want to take that and take it to the Superintendent and tell him to eat it for lunch,” the girl tells Fox 25. 
"I could pay a dollar for a Lunchable and get more food in it,” her father, Vince Holton, says. 
Shelton is pregnant and eating for two, complicating the problem. Chickasha superintendent David Cash agrees the skimpy lunches need to be addressed. 
"You've got in some cases little kids that they’re only two meals are breakfast and lunch at school and they’re getting you know a grand total of 1100 calories. That’s not enough,” Cash says.
"That's not enough."

That's the understatement.

But the BIGGEST problem I've got with all of this program is the utterly rank hypocrisy behind it all.

The Obama's kids don't go to a public school.   Oh, no.... public schools come nowhere near close to be good enough for THEIR kids.  They go to "Sidwell Friends," perhaps THE most expensive ($40,000 a year just to attend the school if you can get in) and exclusive private school in the country, where at least 6 armed guards with automatic weapons AND 5 others armed with less, not including the Secret Service detail. are providing security at any one time and the school meals are all prepared as you might expect: from scratch.

Well, here's today's menu at the school.

October 16, 2014 


Cauliflower Masala Soup
Roasted Vegetable & Israeli Couscous Salad
A Taste of India
Mixed Greens with Avocado & Sunflower Seeds
All-natural Chicken Curry
Vegetable Tikka Masala
Turmeric Roasted Carrots
Basmati Rice
Sliced Pineapple

And here's tomorrows:

October 17, 2014 


Soup du Jour
Basque Tomato Salad
Classic Caesar Salad
All-natural Meatball Subs
Vegetarian Meatball Subs
Steamed Fresh Broccoli
Baked Sweet Potato Wedges
Fun Dessert

Oddly, my guess is that those lunches don't really compare favorably with this in terms of presentation (Styrofoam?  Seriously?) or content.

Chickasha lunch
Further, OUTSIDE of the school, what kind of example does the Klingon Princess set for the rest of us?

Do you think concentration camp-type rations like this are what she feeds her kids... or herself?

The Obama's food hypocrisy.

Because if you did, you'd be wrong.

OK, we've established that she's pretty much a disgusting, rank, hypocrite.  But that begs the question: how is that going to impact in the elections?

Do you even have to ask?

Who's been in charge while this insanity has been implemented?

Who is directly responsible for this kind of garbage happening in our schools?

Who's been hearing it for YEARS from their kids?

And who's going to vote?

And, in that regard, I want to thank Michelle and her Food Police for outlawing every bake sale across the country in their schools.

To say that leaves a bad taste in most parent's mouths... is the understatement.  And when the dems get crushed this election, and likely the next?

Just the tiniest part of that will be the DIRECT responsibility of the moron First Lady, whose indian name is Manny-too-Tonka-oh-wah-Turnips... or, Dances With Turnips.

I'd be happy to tell her what to do with her turnip.

It's days like this that make me totally ashamed to be an American.

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