Friday, October 17, 2014

All aboard the Fail Boat - Fringe-left disheartened: suppose you gave a chance to be a blithering idiot, and no one came?

Congratulations to the fringe left and their mouthpiece, the democratian.

They worked so very hard to disrupt the proceedings with their breathless leftist bigotry and intolerance, and they failed so huge.

The rag says

Large crowd, but few mayors, at prayer event

Small group briefly protests outside Hilton

 Most of the seats at this morning's mayoral and civic leader's prayer breakfast are full, despite controversy over the keynote speaker. (/The Columbian)     

That is certainly NOT the reaction the haters were hoping for.

The rag also bleats:
About two dozen protesters, including state Rep. Jim Moeller, D-Vancouver, stood on the sidewalk outside the Hilton Vancouver Washington this morning with protest signs. Other protesters included the Rev. Brooks Berndt of United Church of Christ in Hazel Dell and a pastor from Camas.
That a leftist bigot like Moeller would be out there isn't surprising, and the "two dozen" were probably closer to "four," given the democratian's penchant for exaggeration when it comes to their agenda (Google "democratian lies about the CRC Scam," for example.)

Leftists have to feel disheartened that they could get 3 percent of those who've participated in Brancaccian-inspired Madore lynch mobs of the past to show up or boycott.  This complete lack of participation and enthusiasm does not bode well for the leftist wackadoos come November.

It is yet another failed effort on the part of our local media cesspool to divide the community, a failed effort that makes Tim "The Liar" Leave-it look more like a self-aggrandizing moron than ever before (And considering his past idiocy, that takes SOME doing) and it makes me even more proud of the people who showed up and the business which kept their commitments.

Hopefully, when this is all over, our community cancer of a newspaper will worshipfully list them all, and then I'll know who to oppose politically and boycott permanently when it comes to doing business in the future.

Stay tuned: I'm working this.

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Lew Waters said...

The Lazy C posted a photo of the "crowd" protesting outside the Hilton.

I count 9 people.