Saturday, October 04, 2014

The 300 (Days that Dingethal's been ignoring my questions.)

As the clock winds down on the end of the idiotic campaign of the latest democrat speedbump in the WA03, one can only wonder what might have been.

Dingethal never really stood a chance: his only hope was to throw off his partisan shackles and fight it out with Ridgefield Barbie in the center... to, in effect, be the anti-Barbie.

He never even tried.

THREE HUNDRED DAYS ago, I asked Dingethal what his positions were on the CRC Scam, repealing the Obamacare rip off, and voting to cut veteran's retirement and disability.

It's been cricket chips for the last 10 months.

Dingethal takes an opportunity and wastes it.

I have supported democrats in the past... most recently Jon Haugen.  They gained that support by being unequivocally taking positions that actually reflected the values of the district.

Yes, Jaime Herrera has been worthless.  Yes, she uses her sick baby like a pair of earrings...  Yes, she's terrified and disrespectful of us because she refuses to hold open town hall meetings.

Yes, she's a total coward who let's important issues go by without saying anything concerning her positions.  Yes, her number one concern is getting re-elected, and we, as a district, have absolutely nothing to show for it.

And the one thing that Dingethal COULD have done Io take advantage of that... the one possibility he had to use that cowardice as a way to vault into office has been left laying, fallow, ignored because of his campaign stupidity... his lack of vision... or his own political cowardice.

No better friend, no worse enemy.

Dingethal had his shot.  I could have voted for him and now, I'm stuck with voting for neither.

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