Saturday, October 04, 2014

Why are all the fringe-left haters rallying around Pridemore?

We know that at this point, Lefty Lou needs to be check for Chlamydia based on his propensity to wear out knee pads for those who hen supports... which is pretty much limited to anyone who supports the CRC Scam and anyone who opposes Madore.

But why does he point out that the unions who've given Pridemore three and a half times more money to Pridemore than David Madore gave to Stewart somehow have less influence over Pridemore than Madore has over Stewart?

You see, this is the kind of hypocrisy Lefty Lou is known for.

And to drive his point home, he uses "11.6 percent" of Pridemore's money without using a similar percentage for Stewart.... in this case, 5.6%

So, how is it that, if the money is the thing, the unions don't have TWICE as much influence over Pridemore as Madore does over Stewart?

Rank fricking hypocrites.

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