Saturday, October 04, 2014

Lefty Lou's world of delusion:

Having watched the waste of time known as a democratian editorial board (I actually don't believe any Republican should waste their time with those Stalinists) I knew what Lefty was going to babble before he spewed it:
Press Talk: It's Stewart & Pridemore … & Madore
The biggest elephant in the room in this upcoming election?
The rebirth of the CRC Scam, since you asked.

Lefty Lou is a punk.  HE's a bully.  And he's going to lose... again.

He stupidly sees himself as the arbiter for this community when his positions on issues and countywide elections have been repudiated repeatedly. He actually believes that he can use Madore as his political straw man and use him to injure those Lefty disagrees with.  You know, anyone to the right of Mao?

The months of Lefty's anti-Madore jihad led up to this: essentially, Brancaccio has been making a concerted effort to not only make Madore politically radioactive, but anyone he may support equally perceived as plague-filled.

In one month, we will find out if Brancaccio's psychotic episode translates to any difference at all among the voters: both he and Pridemore will attempt to beat the hell out of Jeanne Stewart and use David Madore as the hammer in the process.

Here's the reality, however, and I'm reasonably sure that its the reality they DON'T want:

Reality one: Lefty is Lefty's biggest fan.

As a leftist, he's also a narcissist.  He lives in a cocoon, insulated by those who want to keep him there... a bird in a gilded cage.
The mens rea is different. The leftist hater like Lefty Lou is intent on controlling local government in the forlorn hope his fellow fringe-leftist nutjobs can take it over... again. Lefty Lou desperately wants to be associated with the "good guys". He wants to be compassionate, tolerant, kind and open-hearted. And he's willing to hate, lie, attack and shun in order to prove it. 
The shrinking circulation of the rag is a marker of it's growing irrelevance.  The editor is using his bully-pulpit to attempt to manipulate those who don't know any better, having been manipulated himself.

Reality two:  He's beat this dead horse so many times, there's nothing left but a few shards of flesh.

Brancaccio had long since lost the vast majority of the people of this community with his incessant lies, both overt and covert, on the CRC.  He fought much more to use his platform as a mouthpiece for those who would ignore us and harm us than he did as a conveyor of the community perspective.

 And that's a huge problem:

Reality three: he lied to us for years, insulted us for years and allowed/encouraged his reporters and his pit yorkie to use their bias and vitriol to further his agenda... and that fish rots from the head down.

He's as competent a "news man" as he is a manager... a manager who drove the rag into bankruptcy.

And here's the biggest Reality of all:

Except for his fellow fringe-left cheer leaders, no one cares what he writes.

If they did, it would be Commissioner Boldt, Commissioner Tanner, we'd have been forced to pay for their ballpark scam and that bridge rip off would be under construction as I word process this.

As a result, I'm not going to bother to read his column of filth: there's nothing he can say or write that will either change anything or anyone's mind.

Those who agree with him never supported David Madore: those who disagree with him... and that's the vast majority.... will not be swayed by his rank hatred and partisanship.

He will do all he can to beat up Madore and, through extension, Stewart.  And every time he does, it will serve to remind the people how small of a man he is, how revenge-driven, community be damned he is and how irrelevant he is.

By the time this election is over, people will know that Pridemore is from the "I don't care what you think" school of thought.  They will know that one of the people most responsible for saving us from Pridemore's and Lefty's lie of a project is catching the most flak from the whack jobs because they want to practice the politics of deflection, the politics of keeping us off the issue of importance.

Naturally they intend to do all they can to beat Jeanne Stewart to death with Madore, just like they intend to flog us all with Madore as the reason to vote for this idiotic charter.

And it's almost comical how much time they spend on that... but I suppose that given how hated their positions are, that's all they've got.  In the end, however, voting for Pridemore because of Madore makes as much senses as buying this manure pile masquerading as a newspaper because Lefty Lou Brancaccio runs it.

And that makes no sense at all.

So, what's the point?

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