Friday, October 24, 2014

So.... those running for office... who's for the Charter scam? (Update 2)

To date, this is my take on those supporting the Charter scam:  Those who have yet to come out against it actually support it; because it's easy to claim to me that you oppose it, but if you're a candidate, unless you have the guts to come out publicly then that is worthless.

Candidates can feel free to contact me to correct me.

County Offices:

Commissioner:  Pridemore.

Sheriff: Shane Gardner.

Assessor: Wertz

Clerk:  Pauli-Hammond

Auditor: Kimsey (Who has likely broken the law he wants this passed so badly.)


49th District

No candidate running has come out against it that I'm aware of.

18th District.

Brandon Vick and Mike Briggs.

Bully Winningham

17th District

Paul Harris and McClusky

Monica Stonier


Bob Dingethal and Jaime Herrera.

VanNortwick tells me that he opposes the Charter without equivocation.

I am given to understand that both Colas and Lasher oppose the Charter.

Evidence is out there that Stewart, Weber, and Townsend oppose the Charter.

Golik has not taken a position due to appearance of conflict issues.

Chuck Atkins declared weeks ago he is opposed.

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