Friday, October 24, 2014

Leftists are busting their girdles over the Jeanne Stewart independent expenditures but are remaining silent on the millions spent to buy initiatives.

Two Initiatives near and dear to the local leftist heart are the gun grabbing initiative I594 and the WEA "rape your checkbook" multi-billion dollar effort, I-1351.

Locally, around $89,000 has been spent on independent expenditures for Jeanne Stewart.

These same leftists of course say nothing about the quarter million or so the WEA has wasted on Monica Stonier, because, as a democrat.... that's different.

It's ALWAYS "different" for the Left.

But of note to me today were the heavy hitters behind the gun-grabber initiative, I-594.

Like Suzan DelBene, who spent $3 million of her own money on her campaign for the WA01 congressional seat to the deafening silence of our local left (Yes, DelBene is a democrat... so that, as always... is "different.) our local leftists who rabidly support the gun grabbers have responded with something less than a collective yawn over the millions dropped on 594.

Billionaire former New York Mayor Micheal Bloomberg has donated a paltry $1.979 million to this effort... like he's going to live here?  Like he doesn't have heavily armed security?

Billionaire Billy Gates has donated a million.  Like he doesn't have heavily armed security?

Nick Hanauer dumped a million into this idiocy:  Like he doesn't have heavily armed security?

Billionaire Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer drops a cool million on it... Like he doesn't have heavily armed security?

Billionaire Paul Allen, owner of the Seahawks and the Blazers... dropped a cool half-million into this insidious effort... And HE doesn't have heavily armed security?

And what do our local fringe-leftists have to say?

Absolutely nothing.

That, you see, is ALLLLLL different.

To be a leftist is by definition to be a hypocrite.  And I want none of it.

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