Thursday, October 02, 2014

Response to the Donnelly letter taking Lefty Lou to task.

Lefty Lou Brancaccio is, to our misfortune, the editor of the daily democratian, aka the Columbian.

It wasn't all that great when Tommy "The K" Koenninger was running it.  But to say that Lefty has driven into the ground is the understatement.

But I'll let Ann Donnelly's letter speak for itself:

Letter: Reader tired of repetitious insults

It is long overdue that a knowledgeable reader comment upon the decline of journalistic standards at The Columbian. As a nearly 30-year subscriber and former freelance contributor columnist for the Opinion page, I am acquainted with the proper role of the editor as contrasted with that of opinion columnist. It is common for a newspaper to feature a flame-throwing provocateur on the Opinion page, such as conservative Ann Coulter. In the case of the Columbian, the flame-throwing provocateur and the paper's editor are one and the same person.  That is not OK.
Columbian Editor Lou Brancaccio's Press Talk column in the news section has over the past months featured a succession of "Don't Do Stupid Things" opinions critical of Clark County Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke, couched in puerile and dismissive tones evidently meant to entertain. Many readers do not appreciate the joke. The term "M&M boys" is wearing so thin and yet it reappears so insultingly. If these elected officials were African-American and Brancaccio referred to them as "M&M boys," would any readers be laughing? 
Ann T. Donnelly                                                                                                                         Vancouver
As you might expect, the fringe-left haters at C3G2 and the Charter supporters have flipped out in the comments.  I urge you to read those comments for a glimpse of their true motivations... and those motivations have precisely nothing to do with what's good for us.

They don't dispute that Donnelly, a PhD, has somehow falsely portrayed the rag or that over-grown fringe-leftist adolescent running it.

What they're doing is, instead, beating her up for beating up Lefty Lou... showing themselves and their true partisan hatred... the same kind of hatred that is driving the Charter.


Lew Waters said...

So, Lefty Lou chimes in with "And let's be up front here. Ann is a huge supporter of Madore's. There's nothing wrong with that of course but she's tied to this guy."

I guess he missed her previous letter: Local GOP eroded by Madore, Mielke and the accolades from the C3G2 haters then

LIsa Ross said...

Hate is not the best motivation for good government.