Thursday, October 02, 2014

Columbian endorses Van Nortwick. Gotta wonder: has Lefty Lou ever apologized for his hate jihad?

So, the democratian has endorsed Peter Van Nortwick.  Of the two, he probably deserves it.

But that's neither here nor there for this post: Back in the day, this same rag endorsed his opponent, one Janet Seekins.

Seekins had but a single claim to fame:  Though in her 50's, she had never voted in the entirety of her adult life.

And, of course, she was also a democrat: typically, the democratian endorses... well.. democrats for open seats, and the Assessor's seat was just that, open.

And, for whatever the reason, it was almost Like Peter was the template for Lefty Lou pummeling David Madore: he personally and repeatedly attacked Peter, throughout the process.

Now, the rag endorses him.  Gotta wonder: Was Peter on that list of people I'd heard about that Scott Campbell forced Lefty Lou to apologize to?

And will David Madore ever make that list?

If not... why not?

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