Thursday, October 02, 2014

More state democrats come out swinging against I-1351, the "give the WEA all the money" initiative.

When dems start bailing...

And, of course, none of the local fringe-left nut jobs in office (And certainly not WEA lackey Stonier) are opposed... but some, even from the Puget Sound area, actually are.

More Democrats add their names to I-1351 opposition

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Last week, SHIFT reported that a small handful of Democrats expressed public disapproval of the Washington Education Association’s (WEA) latest power grab, Initiative 1351. The 43rd District Democrats in Seattle refused to endorse I-1351. Additionally, Democrat state senators Jamie Pedersen (D-43, Capitol Hill) and Jeanne Kohl-Wells (D-Seattle), along with Representative Reuven Carlyle (D-Seattle) publically oppose the deceptive initiative. All explain their opposition by admitting that I-1351 would complicate the Legislature’s ability to fulfill its constitutional duty concerning the McCleary decision and would add billions in new costs while busting the state budget.
Well, it now appears that the 41st Legislative District’s Representatives Judy Clibborn and Tara Senn have decided to add their voices to the very few Democrat legislators willing to oppose I-1351. Upon announcing her opposition, Clibborn called I-1351 “irresponsible,” due to the fact that “it obligates Washington to billions more in education spending without identifying a funding source.”
But, the surprises don’t stop there. The League of Education Voters also decided to publically oppose I-1351. The organization said,                                                                    
“We believe I-1351 will preclude our ability to make investments in other proven strategies, such as early learning and college"readiness.”      
One name we don’t anticipate adding to the small list of Democrats against I-1351 is that of Jay Inslee. Although Inslee admitted to the difficulty I-1351 opposes to the state’s budget and ability to comply with the McClearly decision, he has refused to state any clear opposition to the deceptive initiative.                                                              .

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