Thursday, October 30, 2014

Neo-communists gone wild: even Bully Winningham gets it.

Look, I've got to tell you: when even Bully Winningham peels off your childish crap, perhaps you should reconsider?

This is the kind of things the neo-communist running the local democrats think is cute.

Even Winningham, as staunch a leftist I've ever seen, gets it.  That the leftist party DOESN'T, just goes to show how out of touch they are with the people of this county.

For the first (and perhaps the only) time I agree with Bully:

This kind of thing IS childish, and the local fringe left nutjobs (Heywood, you reading this) DO condone this kind of behavior.

I believe our local leftist haters have badly miscalculated about Commissioner Madore.  We're going to find out in 5 days or so.

But in the end, if this sort of thing was being done to leftist signs... say, "endorsed by Jim Moeller," they'd be freaking out over it.

Leftist hypocrisy: it's what's for dinner.

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