Thursday, October 30, 2014

So who should vote in this election?

As just about everybody in the local area is aware, we have an election coming up, and the ballots have already arrived.

So the question becomes: who should be voting?

In an ideal world, everybody who's eligible to vote, should vote. But this is hardly an ideal world.

If you are eligible to vote, legally, then by all means vote… If… IF... You know what the hell you're voting about.

The parties, naturally, would just love to have us vote for everybody who's got an R after their name, (And the fringe-left nutjobs a "D,") and typically the incumbent if you have more than one are running, and more than one D running.

I am long since past that. For me, and I make no bones about it, my default mode is to be favorable towards Republican candidates. But I never blindly vote for anyone, and I certainly am not going to vote for someone just because they got an R after their name.

Just for one example, I am voting for neither the Democrat or the Republican in this year's congressional race; neither one are fit for elective office at any level.  I'm going to pass on the 18th District Seat 1 race, as neither Vick nor Briggs should, politically, be allowed out without a keeper.

So, pick up your ballot… And look at it. If you look at a race, and you don't know the issues… And you don't know the candidates… Do us all a favor and don't vote.

As an American citizen, you have a right to vote.  But you also have a duty to be informed before you vote.

Clearly, far too many people vote based on innocuous and unimportant issues instead of policy and political record.  They limit their research to the voter pamphlet.  They ask their friends.  They might even look at a few web pages or facebook posts.

That's not nearly enough.

For example, do you know that the majority of those shilling the charter are the same scum that attempted to ram the CRC/Loot Rail project down our throats?

Did you know that Craig Pridemore played a HUGE roll in selling us out to Portland on the CRC Scam?

Perhaps you do.  But it's likely that you don't because it's hardly the thing that slimeball is going to brag about on his web page.

But it's true: he didn't care what we had to say about the CRC... and those shilling this charter don't care what we've got to say now as long as this idiocy is voted in.

You have to dig down deep to know these people.  Make the time.  FIND the time.  Do the right thing.

And if you DON'T know... then don't vote.  Simple, really.

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